Kyle Boller's "Journal"

Boller’s Night Out ( my surprise when I discovered that the NFL Players’ Association website has a special section where their members can keep online journals, or blogs as the Internets commonly refer to them.

Imagine the bigger surprise when I found our favorite quarterback Kyle Boller has been getting his diary on for quite a while now. Check the sample on Boller discussing the offense holding up it’s end of the bargain.

When you have a defense like ours–you turn the ball over, and they hold inside the red zone–that’s big. That says, “Hey, offense, let’s go.” These guys have our back, and we have to hold our side of the bargain, too.

Couple of interesting things with this entry.  One, it seems like turning the ball over was almost a given. Maybe he was referring to “if” the ball gets turned over, but it’s almost automatic now, so go figure.

Second, Boller’s previous update before this one was 2005. Between throwing picks and picking up hot chicks, our boy Boller must not be that into writing down his feelings on how an entire city wants to like him, but just can’t.

And I was so ready to nickname him Kyle Blogger.

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