How to Not Be an Idiot Kicker

When trying to replace a legend as a rookie mini-camp invitee, humility and focus are the name of the game. And that’s exactly how Piotr Czech is approaching his time with the Baltimore Ravens in his efforts to back-up Pro Bowl fixture Matt Stover.

“Matt Stover is a 19-year veteran, Pro Bowler and viewed as one of the best kickers in his time,” Czech said. “It’s definitely a tough assignment going against him, but I don’t consider myself competition until I establish myself.”

So far, his accuracy on long attempts has caught the attention of Ozzie Newsome, and it won’t be long before the team follows suit.

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  • Logan

    Matt Stover has saved the Ravens’ asses so many times that to criticize him borders on high treason, but in the past few seasons I haven’t been happy with him kicking off. It would be nice to have a kicker on the roster who could consistently make good returners taking it out of the end zone instead of at the 20 yard line. I don’t know if the new coaching staff could spare a roster spot for a kickoff specialist.