Should We Be Worried About Matt Stover?

There’s a tendency to get spoiled when you are witness to greatness. And not just short-term excitability and stardom, but sustained talent.

That’s what is going on right now in Baltimore with kicker Matt Stover.

You have to understand the sensibilities involved when discussing the potential loss of accuracy by Matt Stover. This is a guy who basically carried the Ravens to a Super Bowl. When this team couldn’t score touchdowns, he was often the sole source of offense.

He’s 40 years old, and is a fan favorite in Charm City. He’s been here when so many others have come and gone.

And he’s missed a few this year. More than he’s made.

It’s an accurate assessment to say that he will work his way through the early-season funk, and just because the Ravens are scoring a few more touchdowns this season than in seasons past, doesn’t mean the fans should start analyzing all aspects of the offense for flaws.

For now, the Ravens are a much better team with Stover lining up for the kick.

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