Torry Holt: Cut

Torry Holt was cut by the St. Louis Rams today.  The Ravens, as you all probably know, are one of the frontrunners for him.  His imminent cutting may have been why the team released Nick Greisen.  Holt has said that he likes the team and wouldn’t mind coming, but the question is, do the Ravens have enough cash?  We’ll see how it all plays out

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  • Benji

    Lets not forget were also cutting Rolle on monday and that will free up about 4 million in cap space. We should have more then enough to sign Holt. Also, Mason might not be back if we do sign him so there is another 3-4 million right there.

  • Joe B


    The question is whether they get Rolle cut soon enough to make a move on Holt.  Also, I think Mason won’t leave.