Joe Flacco Highlight Reel

I made this highlight reel of some of Joe Flacco’s highlights in his rookie year.  I couldn’t find a clip that I could use of his first TD pass, but nevertheless, there’s a great collection of moments here, from his first game to his memorable TD pass to Derrick Mason against the Titans in the divisional playoff round.

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  • joeb

    There was supposed to be this epic NFL Films music with it. Guess that didn’t work. I’ll keep making these and try to improve them.

  • Scott

    Great job, Joe! Would it have killed you to leave out the drubbing you handed my Eagles?

    Anyway, the re-cutter is perfect for us blogger types who always seem to be scrambling for video highlights.

  • NestMinder

    Dude, this was awesome. You gotta tell me how you did it. Great work.

  • Stukes

    awesome. i remember just about all of those plays. especially the one from troy smith. that was epic.

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