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Hello all, hope you’re enjoying the new site design. Vote on the poll, comment anywhere with a suggestion of a new one if you have a good idea.

This post is mostly just housekeeping stuff. On the Watch List page, my pride an joy on this site, a pretty extensive list is developing. This will be marked at the top of the page, but I’ll be marking players that have actually worked out with the Ravens with an asterisk. Right now, the list is pretty small, but in the next couple of weeks, the list will grow exponentially. Last year our list of players who had worked out with the team became very large. With the site moving onto the new server, we lost that page, but it grew to be as big as the Watch List is right now, which means a lot of players work out for the team.  Keep your eye on that Watch List, I’m determined to get all of the Ravens’ picks this draft on that list. Like I’ve said, if you read somewhere about a player being linked to the Ravens, send me an email and the link and I’ll put the player up there.

I hope everybody had a good Easter, and that you all continue to enjoy the new site.

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