Is the Lockout getting to You?

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I’m not so sure I’d go that far. But we have missed a few mini-camps, which serve no purpose to the public at all other than to see a few pictures of rookies and your favorite players in the paper or on publications. But the NFL must feel like the clock is ticking a bit.

Instead of watching YouTube clips of Ravens plays or games from last year on the NFL network, we are subjugated to where the lockout stands. We hear about players who are or aren’t working out. We hear whom the best players today are and if such and such is overrated or not. I’d much rather get ready to go out to Westminster, MD, and see the team practice in the mornings than think about if they’re even going to play.

The clock is ticking for the NFL. I’m not foolish enough to think that if they get a deal done by late August people will be tuned off and not go to games. That is just not going to happen. People will still watch because they love the sport, their teams, and the camaraderie watching games on Sunday or Monday nights brings. However, we have gotten to a point now in early June where the NFL can’t start their preseason hype. Preseason magazine purchases are down across the country, and that can’t be a good thing for a league that loves offseason banter.

Hopefully this lockout can be resolved, but until then the NFL must deal with tuning some people out and listening to people talk about spoiled players and spoiled owners. Do I think that way? No, I know business is business. But there will always be people who hate that people cant get along just to play a game.

Let’s get this thing resolved so everybody can go back to being jazzed up come late-July. See you out at Westminster.

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