T-Sizzle vs. Skip Bayless: Round 2

For round 1, click here.

The Terrell Suggs and Skip Bayless debate continues this week. Since the last time they met, Suggs receives some points in his favor after Joe Flacco defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in the final two minutes. Can Skip counter that argument?  It’s Skip Bayless! Of course he can. Skip still mananges to find something ridiculous to argue about. This time, Joe Flacco is still under the microscope and both Bayless and Suggs exchange some hilarious banter. To sign off, T-Sizzle raises his arms, flexes his muscles, and yells his alma matter, “Ball So Hard University. Let’s go!” It’s pretty clear who won this round after that statement, but I’m sure this won’t be the end of T-Sizzle vs. Skip Bayless.

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