Ray Lewis Injury Update: Should He Play?

When Ray Lewis first got injured this season, fans were worried. Many thought that the defense would not be successful without him and that the Ravens would drop a game or two. Instead, what those fans got was an excellent defense that continues to play with passion and intensity even without the big man in the middle. Would it be in the Ravens best interest to continue playing without their most important player? Continue reading to find out…

The first expected return date for Ray Lewis was week 15 against the San Diego Chargers. It’s now week 15 so that should mean that Ray Lewis will suit up again, right? Not neccessarily. The Ravens have been playing so well that many think that he should continue to rest up on the sidelines and not risk further injury as the Ravens enter the playoffs. While that does make sense, it’s not the best decision.

As the above video shows you, Ray Lewis is a presence that can’t be filled. If he’s healthy enough to play than by all means he should. The Chargers will be the Ravens toughest opponent in the regular season and a win here is a must if they want to stay ahead of the Steelers. The Chargers have always played very well against the Ravens and if it comes down to a 4th quarter drive by the Chargers, I want #52 in there making a hall of fame play like he did two years ago.

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