December 2, 2012;Baltimore, MD, USA;Baltimore Ravens running back Bernard Pierce (30) runs with the ball while being chased by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison (92) at M

Could James Harrison Replace Paul Kruger?

Here is a pretty interesting story for you.


Recently released Steelers OLB James Harrison is interested in playing for the Ravens.


If i were a Steelers fan, I would be pissed. Not because Harrison is a great player(he isnt anymore), but because a guy who has been a central to my team as any player over the past 5-6 years is not only willing but also interested in playing for my hated rival. Harrison might just be trying to stir the pot here, but if he really is interested in playing for us, and for a reasonable salary, then bring him in.

Now, let me say again, Harrison is not a great player anymore. He just isnt, he is to old, he is banged up all the time etc. but he is still a good player, and a player that could be a beneficial addition to any 3-4 defense. In Pittsburgh, he didnt work anymore because they were asking him to be a 3 down player(the same reason I believe Paul Kruger is going to be a flop in either Cleveland or Indy) when is no longer capable of doing so. In Baltimore, he can replace Kruger in being a situational pass rusher. That leaves Courtney Upshaw as a full time starter and Harrison as a 3rd down and obvious pass situation player. That is a pretty good OLB duo, especially with Terrell Suggs on the other side who would play all downs because he is equally good as a pass rusher, coverage backer and a run stuffer.


I think there are probably better players the Ravens could acquire, but I am not sure if they could get any of them for cheaper. The one guy other than Harrison that I think would fill the role well is Osi Umenyiora, but I would suspect that Osi will probably get quite a bit more money than Harrision will. Harrison is also a pretty safe add. Osi would have to learn to play the 3-4, but Harrison would be coming from a system that, as far as OLB play is concerned, is almost Identical to that of the Ravens. Harrison would just have to learn some new terminology and he would be good to go.


This seems like a good idea, but I still cant shake the idea that I dont care to have a Steeler loyalist in my ranks. I know Harrison was a Raven long before he was a Steeler, but even so. It is just weird. That said, if Harrison could get 8-12 sacks in a Ravens uniform next year, I might be able to get over it.

What do you think Ravens nation? let me know in the comments section.

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  • Pete

    He’s still a great player. The last 2 seasons he had unfortunate injuries – broken orbital bone in his face, back surgery, then knee surgery last season. He didn’t start the 2012 season healthy but he tied for most sacks for the team last year with 6. He got those in the last 6 games of the season, when he was still not 100% recovered but getting better. He’s healthy now and will be a force next season for some team.

    If he got 6 sacks last season while recovering from surgery, he’ll make at least 10 next season.

    • Tynan Patrick

      I agree 100%, at the right price, he is definitely worth bringing in. I do think the injuries are a serious concern, but I think that the wear and tear wont be as bad if he isnt starting full time like in PIT. There are a few guys at OLB that i expect the Ravens to pursue and he is definately one of them.