Purple Passion: Ravens, Joe Flacco is the key to victory.


Joe Flacco has faced plenty of criticism throughout this football season and his career.  The criticism has been just at times, but there were times when the criticism was unwarranted.   Flacco has the tools and abilities to beat any team, but too often his full arsenal of skills don’t show up when needed for big games.  He has shown he can beat tough opponents and lead the Ravens to a victory and he must have a strong showing in the AFC Championship game today.  The offensive live and receivers can go a long way in giving Flacco a little help.  Receivers must stop dropping the ball and the offensive line must hold their blocks just a second or two longer.  Man up!!  Yes the defense will play a vital role in the game today, but the Ravens must score points.  The offense has the weapons and they must be used to the fullest extent.

Is this a defining moment in Joe Flacco’s career, Yes.  It’s time for Flacco to show he can handle the pressure and make smarter decisions when being blitzed.  It’s time for Flacco to know when to the throw the ball away and not take a sack for a 10 or 15 yard lost.  It’s time for Flacco to know when to get out of the pocket and make plays with his feet.  No one is expecting him to be Michael Vick or Tim Tebow, but run for five yards if the defense is giving it to you.  Flacco’s time is now and he must produce if the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl.  I think this time he will.

Final score, Ravens 27, Patriots 24.

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