Key to the future: 2021 Baltimore Ravens offensive wish list 2.0

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The first wave of free agency has passed, and the NFL Draft is promptly on the horizon. How could the Baltimore Ravens offense ideally take shape in 2021?

The NFL Draft is quickly approaching for the Baltimore Ravens, who’ve chosen to once again go the strategic “right player, right price” route in free agency. In that approach, Eric Decosta and company also put a focus on bringing back key members of the defense on team-friendly deals. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster overall for the Ravens Flock the last few weeks, but now as some key free agents still linger and a new crop of college talent will be donning the black and purple in just three weeks, it’s time for another installment of the 2021 Baltimore Ravens wish list. This week, the offense is up first.

Quarterbacks: Lamar Jackson, Trace McSorely, Tyler Huntley

No change here from the first installment of this running series, quarterback may just be the easiest position to predict for the Ravens heading into 2021 along with fullback and corner. Lamar Jackson has recently gotten some added help this off-season that should elevate his game even further, which we’ll talk about shortly. After a 2020 in which Lamar overcame his playoff demons and began to change the narrative that he can’t come back in games, all signs point to 2021 being his most complete season yet.

The legend of Trace McSorely certainly grew this past season in a few key moments, notably his long touchdown to Marquise Brown vs Pittsburgh in the “Thanksgiving” game and a first down throw late against Cleveland when Lamar was using the “training room”. Following Robert Griffin III’s departure, there’s no reason McSorely shouldn’t be firmly locked in as the Ravens backup.

Tyler Huntley will likely be a practice squad player for the most part, but another year in the Ravens system could help him improve his raw skill set in year two. Should the worst-case scenario ever happen with Lamar Jackson, having another option who’s knowledgeable in the offense and tailor-made for it is only a benefit.

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