Baltimore Ravens 2023 Mock Draft 1.0 Post Free Agency

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The Baltimore Ravens were quiet in free agency and given the cap space that they had it was expected. We all know that the Ravens often make their hay in the NFL draft. However, they usually also have a big list of compensatory picks, and that just did not happen this year.

So, they have needs to be filled, and limited resources. With that said it is time for our first mock draft of the offseason. This will be predicting what the Ravens may do more than what I want them to do, and it will be using the PFF Mock Draft simulator. So, for complaints that a player will not be there, take it up with them.

Round 1: TCU WR, Quentin Johnston

When you look at the Baltimore Ravens' needs and have to decide which is most likely to be fixed with a first-round pick, you have to go with either cornerback or wide receiver. This appears to be a deeper cornerback group. While the top of the wide receiver class is not elite, that also is what should cause one of Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Jordan Addison, or Quentin Johnston to fall to the 22nd pick.

At that point, the Ravens would have to take whichever is left, and in most of the simulations, I did Johnston fell more than the two others. Johnston is a big body wideout, who can also make plays with the ball in his hands. Lamar Jackson has not had a big body threat quite like that.

It brings some of the best traits that Jackson has with Johnston. Of course, this is assuming that they keep Jackson. Still, with or without him, they have to start improving the wide receiver room, and a first-round like talent like Johnston could go to Baltimore.