Baltimore Ravens 2023 Mock Draft 1.0 Post Free Agency

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Jakorian Bennett, Baltimore Ravens
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Round 3: Maryland CB: Jarkorian Bennett

A lot of talks out of Baltimore is around the other Maryland cornerback Deonte Banks. He may be in the plans in the first round. However, if they miss out in round one they may swing right back to that same program for Jakorion Bennett.

Bennett makes a lot of sense for the Ravens. First, he is not a problem in run defense, which is so vital for Ravens cornerbacks. More than that, he has inside and outside versatility. The Ravens love to have that, and are losing Kyle Hamilton, who was playing slot/safety role last year.

He is moving to the starting safety job. A corner who could also shift into the slot would give them more versatility in the back end.

Bennett had a big performance at the NFL combine that impressed scouts.

The hype around Banks is real but is causing Bennett to go underrated. He can be grabby at times and can struggle down the field. Still, a cornerback who played man and zone, and set the edge against the run is someone who could get on the field for Baltimore next season. They would need him.