Baltimore Ravens 2023 Mock Draft 1.0 Post Free Agency

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Baltimore Ravens, Tyler Steen
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Round 4: Alabama OL: Tyler Steen

The Baltimore Ravens drafting an Alabama player, no way. Yes, they go back to that connection for Tyler Steen. Steen is interesting because he played tackle in college, but now projects inside to guard, or maybe even center. This sounds like more traits that the Ravens have drafted in recent years.

Steen went from Vanderbilt to Alabama last season. He caught the eyes of the coaching staff, and then excelled with higher stakes while getting to work out at a bigger program.

Steen may be depth at first, but the hope is that he could provide it for all three spots along the interior. They do not have a LInderbaum backup, while Ben Cleveland is stepping up and Kevin Zeitler may only have a year left.

It would be good to have that position versatility, and the Ravens have been known to take advantage of players with that skill set.

The Baltimore Ravens need to add a piece like Tyler Steen to their offensive line room.

Round 5: Texas DL Moro Ojomo

This would be a great fit for the Baltimore Ravens. Moro Ojomo started as an outside edge rusher and then moved inside. He probably would fit best as a 5-technique, and the Ravens use this more than a lot of teams. After losing Calais Campbell, who took a lot of snaps in that role they are looking at guys like Broderick Washington to step up. Ojomo can hold down depth and brings versatility up and down the line, which is something the Ravens look for.

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Round 6: Kansas OL Earl Bostick

Yes, another tackle who may swing inside to guard. However, while Steen is a lock to move inside, Bostick could still hold the role as a swing tackle. He is athletic enough and has adequate length. It is more a technical side of his game. So, with Steen being a player who could play center and guard, and Bostick being able to play tackle and guard, they have quality depth options that they did not enter the NFL draft with.