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Why Aren't The Ravens Making a Play For Chad Johnson?

Chad Johnson (ProFootball 24×7)This could be what the Terrell Owens deal would’ve been. A volatile superstar receiver, looking for a breath a fresh air and a new coaching staff. And a team that can make the Cincinnati Bengals pay. Dearly.

So at the very least, the Ravens should be floating the rumors out there that they are in the market to trade for Chad Johnson with their first round pick.

From all accounts, a solid quarterback will be available in the second round, but a tested Pro-Bowl caliber receiver comes at a much higher premium. The Ravens running game is stout with Willis McGahee and virtually no threat through the air. It transitions to gouging with a playmaker like Johnson opposite in tandem with possession receivers like Derrick Mason and Todd Heap.

Sure, you have to have someone to get the ball to Johnson and that’s clearly understood. But considering that the Ravens, up until last season, were among the league’s elite defensively and a playoff contender every year without a solid QB, wouldn’t it be worth the shot to examine a possible deal for Chad Johnson?

And if you are worried about antics, isn’t the possibility of a reformed Ocho Cinco greater with vets like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed around? Isn’t it likely that he would be on his best behavior to prove critics wrong?

It’s worth a shot. In fact, it’s worth an army of cannons to try and get Chad Johnson.

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  • Jwills

    Oh please god no. Granted I felt the same way about the TO deal, but the last thing Harbaugh needs as a new coach in the NFL is someone like Ocho Cinco, a guy who will do his way no matter what. I mean he threw a punch at Marvin Lewis for god’s sake. I’ll take my chances that Demetrius Williams will have a breakout year or that we can draft a decent wide out. Let gold grill sit the bench in Cincy.

  • Bethany

    Bengals won’t trade Johnson…ever, just to piss him off.

  • E-ROC

    I’d rather have Anquan Boldin, depending what his asking price is. Boldin has been a solid citizen until this point. He just wants a new contract. Problem is Larry Fitzgerald’s contract ruined it for everybody. The Ravens had their chance to pick Bryant Johnson, Drew Carter, or DJ Hackett, but didn’t, for whatever reason.