EbonyBird.com’s “Best Ravens Bar” Contest

I’m always looking for good places to watch the Ravens game at, not because I’ll actually be able to go, but because I want everyone else to know where the best football watering holes are. I’ve tried out a few, but there are so many bars in Baltimore and so little time before kickoff starts.

So here’s the deal. From now until September 4, 2008, I’ll be holding a monthly contest for you to write in about the best bars in the Baltimore area to watch a Baltimore Ravens game. It can be based on the atmosphere, food, drinks, or anything that makes the Ravens fan experience unique. Every Friday, I will feature the best submissions of the week, and on the final Saturday in the month, a fan poll will determine the best submission for the month.

The monthly grand prize will be a 24-pack of the beer of your choice. (Or the cash equivalent) The grand prize will be a staff writer position with EbonyBird.com, another 24-pack of brew, (or the cash equivalent) and a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice located in Baltimore’s luxurious Inner Harbor. And if we’re lucky, the bar that is crowned Baltimore’s Best Ravens Bar will name a stool after you.

The contest begins today, and all submissions for this week’s drawing are due by midnight tonight. The winner will be posted tomorrow evening after 6:00 p.m., so keep checking to see if you are a winner.

Submissions should not exceed 250 words, and must not contain any offensive or profane language. A tip is to be as funny or insightful as possible, and it helps if you are good with grammar and punctuation. Entries should be submitted to [email protected], or via the EbonyBird fan forums, which is located in the navigation bar just above this post.

Good luck!

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  • http://blogimoreravens.com Dewey

    I nominate Green’s on Polk Street in the Russian Hill neighborhood of
    San Francisco. It might not be the best, and for obvious reasons it’s
    probably not even eligible, but that’s my haunt so it gets my vote! For
    what it’s worth, one of the bartenders went to Gilman. Usually it turns
    out a decent Ravens crowd on Sundays, and occasionally it is the
    most-represented team in the bar. Definitely always in the top five.

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  • Neil

    Is there a Ravens Bar in Philadelphia?  Trying to locate one.

  • Dan

    It’s cool that someone from Phily is trying to find a Ravens Bar.  We are also looking for one in Honolulu.  Good luck!

  • Larry

    I’m out here in Phoenix and we have actually rounded up some diehard Ravens fans. There are actually 2 bars that we use; Catch 22 in Phoenix and The Sand Bar in Scottsdale.

    Was watching the Cowboys game with the whole bar going crazy for the Ravens demolishing their hated ex-NFC East rival. Just like back home!

    Go Ravens!

  • http://ebonybird gilly mccully

    i like the bar on west 35th st. it’s called the “blackbird”. you can take your wife there and watch her bang black guys

  • Artin S.

    Hey guys I live in los angeles california and I want to see if there are any bars around here? We usually go with a few friends to the Burbank Hooters for Ravens games. But I would like to find a dedicated ravens bar if there is one.

  • http://www.photosfromtheharty.com Sara

    I’m looking for a Raven’s Bar in DC. We’re so close to Bmore, but it feels like the Steelers have way more of a presence. I miss being around other Ravens fans!

  • Pete

    Artin S.-

    I live in L.A. too (north hollywood) and i and another displaced Ravens fan I found on Meetup.com are also looking for a local bar. Drop me a line at [email protected] to discuss. Let’s get something going.
    I think there is a Buffalo Wild Wings opening up in Burbank maybe we can take over that place.
    Hope to hear from you.
    -Pete S.