No Haloti Ngata?

The word out of camp is that a sprained MCL is what sidelined Haloti Ngata, and that Kelly Gregg is favoring what appears to be a knee injury.

So what does it mean when you two defensive tackles have bum wheels ?

A. Shorten training camp.

B. Avoid contact drills as much as possible ?

C. Maybe Brian Billick was onto something with Camp Cream Puff for veterans?

Could be a little of all three. Most players around the league agree that training camp is far to long and far to arduous for a sport they have been playing all of their lives. To an extent, I agree. If you come in camp out of shape as a pro athlete, you deserve to run. If you are a vet in peak physical condition, gimme a lap and go chill.

As for avoiding contact drills, they can inspire animosity and brotherhood simultaneously. Forget about injuries for a second, sometimes you can develop beef with someone you’ve laid out on a crackback trying to rile up your defensive or offensive mates. Considering the wild side of the Ravens’ D, that might not be such a bad idea.

And yes, maybe Brian Billick was right on target when he gave veterans relaxed requirements at training camp. He was criticized, but with the straits becoming more dire by the day because of injuries, maybe they can hire Billick back as an injury management consultant or something.

The Ravens just can’t afford to go into Week 1 with crippled key players. Especially on defense.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Benji

    I feel you on dis one. Ngata is one of the main reason why our defense had such a great season stoping the run. Billick knows how to manage players but he didnt know when to call certain plays. I know John Hardball wants to set a tempo and change the culture to more of an old school approch, but when one of your defensive stars goes down(let alone 2) its time to lightin up or else there wont be any players to play Hardball.

  • JWIlls

    Look, Billick had injuries too, a lot of them. His happened during the season and many were due to a lack of conditioning at practice. Training camp is too long, but in juries are a part of preseason. That said, no one should be playing injured, so if Gregg has a bum wheel than he should sit.