2009-2010 Season Preview

Football season is upon us. We are ready for kickoff tomorrow, so as the procrastinator that I am I waited until the last moment to post my season preview. So before bones are snapped and victors crowned I would like to put in what I think will happen this upcoming season, so later when it happens I can brag about it.



Playoff Picture: Here I will predict the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of the 2010 playoffs. really, I’m just guessing (educatedly I might add) what 12 teams will earn a bid into the plaayoffs, and what will unfold from there.


AFC North Champ: Pittsburgh Steelers  (#3 Seed)
AFC South Champ: Tennessee Titans  (#4 Seed)
AFC East Champ: New England Patriots  (#1 Seed)
AFC West Champ: San Diego Chargers  (#2 Seed)
Wildcard #1: Indianapolis Colts  (#5 Seed)
Wildcard #2: Baltimore Ravens  (#6 Seed)

Wildcard Round:
#6 Baltimore Ravens over #3 Pittsburgh Steelers
#5 Indianapolis Colts over #4 Tennessee Titans

Divisional Round:
#6 Baltimore Ravens over #1 New England Patriots
#2 San Diego Chargers over #5 Indianapolis Colts

Conference Championship:
#2 San Diego Chargers over #6 Baltimore Ravens

NFC North Champ: Green Bay Packers  (#3 Seed)
NFC South Champ: Atlanta Falcons  (#2 Seed)
NFC East Champ: New York Giants  (#1 Seed)
NFC West Champ: Seattle Seahawks (#4 Seed)
Wildcard#1: Philadelphia Eagles  (#5 Seed)
Wildcard #2: New Orleans Saints  (# 6 Seed)

Wilcard Round:
#3 Green Bay Packers over #6 New Orleans Saints
#5 Philadelphia Eagles over # 4 Seattle Seahawks

Divisional Round:
#3 Green Bay Packers over #1 New York Giants
#2 Atlanta Falcons over #5 Philadelphia Eagles

Conference Championship:
#3 Green Bay Packers over #2 Atlanta Falcons


San Diego Chargers defeat the Green Bay Packers

NFL MVP: QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots
Off. Rookie of the Year: LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles
Def. Rookie of the year: LB Aaron Curry, Seattle Seahawks
Coach of the Year: Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers

Worst Team: Cleveland Browns
Best Missing Playoffs: Chicago Bears
Fired Coach: Dick Jauron, Buffalo Bills

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