Players of the Week

 After each week I will post some of the best performances from the games. In the words of Ron Jaworski in that MNF commercial: “Play on playaz”. So here are the guys that stuck out, posted big numbers, overcame obstacles, did something to the Steelers, or any other good things along those lines.


  1.  The first player that I noticed as a standout on offense this week was Drew Brees, the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. Despite the fact that he was facing the lowly Lion’s secondary his performance still made me say “wow” out loud when I saw the numbers. He threw for 6 touchdowns and 358 yards. You know that guy you made fun of for drafting Brees in the first round of your fantasy football league? Yeah, go say sorry to him.
  2. The next player that made grown men in the NFL look like the Little Giants was Minnesota Vikings workhorse Adrian Peterson. He ran over the Browns like they were… the Browns. I would like to point out that I called the fact that AP or AD, whatever, would rush for more yards than Favre would throw (180 to 110). If you haven’t seen the run that sums up his performance take a look: TD run highlight.  
  3. The receiver that I thought shined the most on Sunday was Green Bay Packer wide out Greg Jennings. He didn’t post the kind of numbers that Randy Moss(12 catches for 141 yards) and Reggie Wayne (10 grabs, 162 yards, TD) did, catching 6 balls for 106 yards and a TD, but his TD was special. He caught a 50 yard bomb with a little over a minute left in the game to defeat division rival, Chicago Bears on Sunday Night. That’s special, and that’s why he was one of the week’s top performers. Plus he helped me win my fantasy game. 
  4. The next person is actually a group of persons. I would like to congratulate the following running backs: Cadillac Williams of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mike Bell carrying the load for the Saints, and Julius Jones of the Seattle Seahawks. These are all guys who were considered shut down or done. They all came out and proved that they are not Shaun Alexanders and will not go away.

Other players of the week, along with other accolades will be given out tomorrow. Until then, good night, and I must say it feels good to be 1-0.

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