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Still The Deadskins

I live in the Baltimore area, so I get Washington D.C. radio stations, most notably ESPN 980. I used to turn the dial to 980 to hear Redskins fans moan about their hopeless team, their hopeless owner, so on and so forth. So I was recently down in the dumps about something, maybe the Orioles, so I turned the dial to 980 looking for something to raise my spirits.

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I sunk into my chair, and grabbed a bag of Cheetos and waited patiently for the barrage of woe to begin. However, when the commercials came to an end and the program came on, Redskin fan after Redskin fan called in. This may seem normal enough, but something was off. These people, these normally broken spirited people were…were happy. NO! That’s not how it is supposed to be. So for my sanity, this post will be dedicated to putting the Washingtonians back in their place, 4th Place, in the NFC East.

Don’t get me wrong, the Redskins will be better than they were last year at 4 and 12, but saying that they will be much better is a stretch. Their defense will  be strong yet again, but I am not buying into the fact that Donovan McNabb will save their sputtering offense. Jason Campbell was not all that bad. The poor guy had to work with a new offensive coordinator every year he played. His offensive line was mediocre at best, allowing 46 sacks, and hasn’t gotten any better. Their receiving corps relies on a speedy short route wideout in Santana Moss and a young tight end in Fred Davis. The Redskins bring in one veteran at quarterback and suddenly they are contenders? They went 0-6 against division rivals last year. They averaged 16.6 points a game last year, 26th in the NFL. And in my opinion Mr. McNabb will make no difference. He has no one to throw to. No one to protect him. And don’t even get me started on who he is handing the ball off to. Willie Parker, Larry Johnson, and Clinton Portis? These guys have all been steadily on the decline, and are all injury prone. The Redskins are still not contenders, so Baltimore, relax, you can rest easy. The Redskins still stink.

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  • Rod

    why are you worried about the Redskins? Is it a sin for another NFL team to dream and have expectations? just the way you guys have expectation, Skins fans have that right.

    Redskins nation is conscient enough to know where they have gaps, there is always optimistic people and some will go over board and think beyond reality with their comments.

    you can laugh all you want about 4-12 record; the line was not addressed by bone head Vinny Cerrato and eventually the carried on to the 09 season after the line broke down in the middle of the 08 season after a 6-2 start; a 6-2 start that had a healthy line and proved what the redskins are really capable of doing, Jason Campbell managed to whip Dallas and Philly in their place.

    Ultimately,what the heck ravens fans? do you want us to preach negativity every time we call 980? would that make you happy? we sure don’t care what the ravens do! win, tie or loose, ravens don’t exist in our book, and sure don’t be hating on them, making smart comments about their fans calling 105.7 about their dreams, expectations or desires they have for their team; you have that right!

    just mind your business and worry about your team! I’m sorry that you don’t get the attention you want, Baltimore itself is REDSKINS NATION. don’t hate, I know you all love to see the skins in missery; we sure don’t care who the ravens are, not one bit!

    • Erin

      Baltimore is what nation? That’s hilarious :) Good luck even finding a redskins fan in or around Baltimore. Any true football fan in Baltimore was a Colts fan til ’83, then waited “patiently’ until becoming a Ravens fan in ’96. The reason Baltimore fans have a stronger hatred for the redskins than vice versa, aside from the normal beltway rivalry, is because we hold your organization personally responsible for keeping an expansion team out of Baltimore for so long. The argument that Maryland only needed one football team worked on our former commissioner…or they had pictures of Paul Tagliabue in a hotel room, smoking crack with a prostitute…what?, it happens in DC! Anyway, in the grand scheme of things, while Baltimore fans enjoy deadskins fan’s pain, we know that the nfc doesn’t compare with the afc and no team in your division could compete in ours…so in that sense, the skins, win or lose, are insignificant.

  • Nick

    sorry Ravens fans, just hang on, you won’t see the Redskins at the bottom of the best division in Football; for the first time in a while, we’ll have a coach who has only been out for 1 season, he is up the speed of the NFL.

    Shannahan will work on discipline, he will work on the little things that makes a football team better; starting with Portis the “star” who thinks he is above everyone, and other cancers in the locker room.

    Shannahan already cut 10 players. He already signed 3 offensive tackles, and a LT will be addressed in the draft, the oline will definitely be improved, and many are still under the perception that they still have issues with the line; trust me ravens fans, they will be better that what you think; so don’t hold your breath to see the real home team excel in the next couple years.

    I know you all ravens fans enjoy when you hear the clumsy heads that call 980 and get happy over the big names that we sign every year, such as the McNabb signing.

    signing big names don’t impress us anymore, I know some fans made a big deal about McNabb signing, is one move that had to be done, to at least make them competent while they rebuild, so yes we are aware big names haven’t got us anywhere, so we are not thinking we are going to the SB or winning the division;

    so just keep on listening to the minority of idiots that suggest to put Colt Brennan as the starter; same that think skins are going to the SB; the ones that don’t know jack about football, the ones you laugh at; and point as “the redskins fans” when its only a minority of idiots.

    I guarantee to you things will be different with Shannahan, no more over paid players, discipline is back; so enjoy our missery while it last, because Redskins will be back as the elites of the NFC east, in the next 2-3 yrs.

    Good luck ravens fans; we don’t hate on you, and just cant figure why you guys worry about us, its really unexplainable; redskins sure don’t worry about the ravens.

  • stukes

    i use to listen to 1067 the fan until i got tired of mike wise so i know how it is. i think mcnabb will do something, maybe put a few more w’s in the win column, but i dont see them in the playoffs next year. maybe the year after depending on who they draft.

  • stukes

    my bad joe. i meant casey.

  • Nick

    i’ll take that back then, I guess I kind of got carried away, then I’ll say “some” ravens fans, but primarily to the idiot who wrote this article.

    NFL is the best sport, so just let each fan base dream, speculate, etc, geeee! except the steelers and cowboys they both suck….lol… how about that! peace!

    • Flaccocinco


      Ravens fan here.

      I have to agree with you, McNabb could single handedly make that team that much better. Factor in a few offensive lineman in the draft and Mike Shannhan and I think you guys have a more than legitimate shot at the playoffs next year.

      I think the Eagles are a complete football team but my gut tells me the Skins have the edge next year, especially in their head to head match ups.

  • caseydurkin

    First of all, I love the enthusiasm. And Nick, that hypocracy was beautiful. The Redskins will of course be better, but as a Baltimorean I reserve every right to wish the worst for our Beltway counterparts.

  • WillBruce

    Ravens Fan here,

    I think McNabb may add something to the Redskins, something they need. Jason Cambell isn’t bad but he had no weapons, and McNabb still doesn’t have the weapons. They won’t be 4-12 but not the best either. Yeah I don’t like the Redskins because they are our Beltway Rivals but I respect the Redskins nonetheless.

  • caseydurkin

    Well said Will.
    Oh, I repect the Redskins. They are one of the greatest franchises in football. However, living in Baltimore, they are my rival, and I enjoy poking fun at them.

    • Flaccocinco


  • Joe Barnes

    Oh man. I love this debate. Classic Baltimore-DC rivalry, just awesome. This is a great response to a post, so maybe we’ll open up debates more often. Ravens and ‘Skins fans alike, stay tuned, maybe we’ll make a weekly feature with a DC blog and hash out a good old-fashioned argument in the comments section.

    This is awesome! Definitely the best thing about being a blogger, being able to hear back from your readers. The whole staff here appreciates the enthusiasm behind these comments.

  • Amy

    i wish i would have read the previous two comments before i posted my original. dont bunch up every ravens fan with joe’s opinion; not every ravens fan want the skins to do badly. i wish quite the opposite. the redskins are my second team, but they are still in the bottom half of the division no matter how much discipline you pour into the team and theyll be there for at least two more seasons.

    • Joe Barnes

      Amy, I don’t really have an opinion about the Skins either way. My co-writer wrote this post and expressed some of his views in the comments. For some reason this was in the Spam folder so I didn’t get to it earlier. Very valid point. Here’s my question for you though: Would the Redskins be your 2nd favorite team if they played the Ravens every year? To me, I would go from not caring to really loathing them. I don’t want to call you out, but is there ever really a 2nd favorite team, or just a team you like who you don’t play against a lot?