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Because of a busy night, I may not be able to post all I want (or anything other than this) tonight. Tomorrow look for these posts:

  • How the draft picks will fit into the team and what their roles may be
  • How our watch list turned out
  • Possible undrafted free agents the Ravens might go after

This draft will be very memorable, and not just for the Ravens. Several teams picked guys who they think could be franchise cornerstones, and many managed to pick guys later than they thought they could. The Ravens traded out of the first round, but in the end, that may turn out to be a genius move.

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Round 2 (#43): Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas: A. It’s definitely an A here. Kindle was projected to go in the top 15 in just about everybody’s mock draft. Because of certain guys being available in certain spots and teams just passing on Kindle to get someone else, the Ravens managed to get him about 30 picks lower than he should’ve gone. He will bring an incredible pass rushing presence to the defense and Ravens management has said repeatedly that they’re not worried about any of the injury or off-field concerns that have swirled around him.

Round 2 (#57): Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama: A. I’m trying not to sound like a biased fan, giving both these picks an A, but really, what else can I do? Cody’s name was being thrown around more than just a bit when the Ravens were getting near #25. The fact that he was available a full round later is amazing. Cody will be a sparkplug on the defensive line and let Ray Lewis play sideline to sideline as he loves to do. His weight has been going down, and honestly, if he did so well playing in the SEC in college at that weight, he should be able to be just as dominant in the NFL when he loses the weight and adds more quickness.

Round 3 (#70): Ed Dickson, TE, Oregon: B+. Dickson is a great fit for the Ravens. He can catch the ball like Todd Heap, but he’s faster, built to avoid injury better and most importantly, he’s young. He should be able to compete for the starting job in his rookie year but it’s more than likely he’ll assume a backup role next season as he tries to get a feel for the NFL. He needs to improve his run blocking.

Round 4 (#114): Dennis Pitta, TE, BYU: A-. This was another pick where the selection fell very, very far. Many “experts” believed the Ravens would go after Pitta in the 2nd round, and they managed to pick him up in the 4th. That’s the main reason why I give this pick an A. I didn’t like the fact that the team didn’t go after a cornerback here with several good ones still on the board, but tight end depth was needed. Pitta will slot in behind Heap and Dickson, and he may even emerge as a better player than Dickson, if their respective college careers have anything to do with it. Pitta was a monster at BYU.

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