That cover will be filled by Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees, whose Saints are the #1 rated team in Madden 11.

Ravens Are #3 Team In Madden 11 (FULL RATINGS LIST)

We’re past Memorial Day, which basically means Summer, and you know what Summer means…Madden ratings!!!

While the player ratings won’t be released for over a month, the team ratings were released today, and the Ravens are the #3 team in the entire NFL. Slotting in with an overall rating of 90 (out of 100), the Ravens are behind only the Super Bowl champion Saints (92), and the Super Bowl-losing Colts (91).  Being an 87 rating last year, the Ravens’ offseason pickups, most notably trading for Anquan Boldin and picking up two top defensive players in April’s NFL Draft, must have influenced the Madden ratings geniuses enough to give them a nice 3-point bump.

In the full list below, which is lovingly adopted and modified from Gamestop, I tell you what the playoff seeds would be like if the ratings were what determined standings.

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Rank Team 2011 Rating 2010 Rating Rating Change Playoff Seed
1 New Orleans Saints 92 94 -2 NFC-1
2 Indianapolis Colts 91 93 -2 AFC-1
3 Baltimore Ravens 90 87 +3 AFC-2
4 New York Jets 89 88 +1 AFC-3
5 Minnesota Vikings 88 90 -2 NFC-2
6 Green Bay Packers 87 87 0 NFC-5
7 Dallas Cowboys 87 88 -1 NFC-3
8 New England Patriots 86 88 -2 AFC-5/6
9 Cincinnati Bengals 86 86 0 AFC-5/6
10 San Diego Chargers 85 89 -4 AFC-4
11 Pittsburgh Steelers 84 85 -1 N/A
12 Atlanta Falcons 83 83 0 NFC-6
13 New York Giants 81 81 0 N/A
14 Philadelphia Eagles 80 86 -6 N/A
15 Arizona Cardinals 79 87 -8 NFC-4
16 Miami Dolphins 79 77 +2 N/A
17 San Francisco 49ers 79 78 +1 N/A
18 Houston Texans 78 82 -4 N/A
19 Denver Broncos 78 80 -2 N/A
20 Chicago Bears 77 75 +2 N/A
21 Tennessee Titans 77 79 -2 N/A
22 Washington Redskins 76 70 +6 N/A
23 Carolina Panthers 75 78 -3 N/A
24 Seattle Seahawks 75 72 +3 N/A
25 Jacksonville Jaguars 74 76 -2 N/A
26 Oakland Raiders 71 71 0 N/A
27 Kansas City Chiefs 71 68 +3 N/A
28 Cleveland Browns 70 69 +1 N/A
29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 69 67 +2 N/A
30 Detroit Lions 68 66 +2 N/A
31 Buffalo Bills 67 71 -4 N/A
32 St. Louis Rams 66 65 +1 N/A

As you can see, the usual teams are at the top and bottom. Shockingly, the Lions are not one of the two worst teams! There’s not a ton else to take away from this list, other than that the NFC West is very weak, and that there are some bad teams. But remember, this isn’t real, it’s all just the ratings. You’ll see countless simulations seen with Madden and things of that nature, but all that matters is what happens on the real field.  I’ll finish this up with the “Biggest Movers”, and then feel free to share your thoughts by commenting. Do you play Madden? Do you agree or disagree with these ratings?


Biggest Increase:

  1. Washington Redskins (+6)
  2. Baltimore Ravens (+3)
  3. Seattle Seahawks (+3)
  4. Kansas City Chiefs (+3)

Biggest Decrease:

  1. Arizona Cardinals (-8)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles (-6)
  3. Buffalo Bills (-4)
  4. Houston Texans (-4)
  5. San Diego Chargers (-4)

To quench your additional Madden thirst, click here to see the ratings of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft picks. You’ll have to download the PDF, which is linked in that post, to see the entire list. Ravens-wise, Sergio Kindle has an overall rating of 78, Terrence Cody has a rating of 72, and Ed Dickson rolls in with an overall rating of 65.

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    • SmittyJ


      Seriously you got the Lions at #30, just ahead of the Bills and Rams. After the best off season in the league and a damn good draft your telling me they only moved up one spot.

    • Joe Barnes


      First off, I’m Joe. Not sure if you just wrote the wrong name or something, but it’s fine. Also, I didn’t come up with these ratings. These are the official Madden ratings. I’d agree with you that the Lions are improving quickly, but they’ve still got a while to go to get good. I guess the Madden ratings guys didn’t think that the people they brought in were that significant.

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    • Oki Woolridge

      Was excited to see what happened to the greatest underdogged team in the NFL,our Dolphins. I was very surprised that our rival jets our 4th in the ranks when the Rex of the rryans are yet to beat the team hi openly disrespects. Every team in the top ranks got beat by us phins all arouund the field up until the the fourth Quaternary when they just preyed and played and went for it against our rookie corners and our weak pickup Wilson at safety which he is now gone and our outstanding rookies aren’t rookies anymore and will not be pushed around again, Moss. So if I notice the great youth potential why didn’t the people ranking these teams keep it a bit more honest in these oh so important ranking
      Williams should make pro bowl this year henne gonna be strong in both mind and arm, Marshall will be great and Bess will continue to get better than the lost Welker,greatest fullback currently I’m the NFL and I don’t wanna get into our depth on a defensive standpoint but D line is our strength which will continue to make our O line grow into a dangerous front. All that to say Wow,79 is a real rip off of our madden players that represent the Dolphins. Just another way to put the jets on paper on top of the NFL before one game. We honestly deserve no less than 85 just ask Ronnie Brown who has been our backbone as wefought to get back in the SuperBowl

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    • Casey Durkin

      Good work John.

    • derrick white

      my boy chargers droping but i agree with the lions still at 30 they finaly got there first win in 23 games…pitiful
      saints : overraited-sure they won the superbowl but realy drew brees is accurate but can he really throw the long ball? can pierre thomas break tackles? can reggie bush run faster? The answer to these questions are NO. Don’t even get me started on colts ok i admitt best offence but look at there defence and, last time they played the chargers peyton threw 3 interceptions. whaaat? yes the ravens should be #1 and steelers are under raited #2 defence and the 18th best back in nfl and the #8 QB at least be the #6 team. i also hate to say it but ryan mathews – over raited

      other then that great game i am looking forward to it thank you for posting the rankings

      • derrick white

        sorry got reggie bush and pierre thomas mixed up it is 1:00 am here