Former Pro Bowl quarterback Marc Bulger was signed by the Ravens in June.

A $3.8 Million Mistake

Justin Silberman is the newest member of the writing staff, and he will be contributing op-ed pieces for the blog. This is his first post:

At one point in his career Marc Bulger, now 33 years old, was once considered an elite quarterback in the National Football League, but that time has passed. The Baltimore Ravens, who agreed to terms with Marc Bulger 2 weeks ago, will pay him $3.8 million dollars for one season of wearing the purple and black. The Ravens, who have lacked a bonafide back up quarterback in the Joe Flacco era finally got their man, but at what cost?

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Bulger, a time 2 time Pro Bowl quarterback (2003,2006), has not since regained that form, missing 12 games over the past three seasons while racking up 27 touchdown passes over that time compared to 34 interceptions. Is this the guy to sign to be mentoring a maturing and growing leader in Joe Flacco? My answer: absolutely not. Coming off an impressive season  in 2006 which saw Bulger set career highs in yards (4,301), and touchdown passes (24), the St. Louis Rams awarded Bulger a 6 year $62.5 million dollar extension to keep the Bulger in St. Louis through 2012, but after being underwhelming in the ’07, ’08 and ’09 seasons, he was cut, and being available this late into the summer makes him the “leftovers” of NFL free agency.

With all this being said, not to mention the playoff woes of Marc Bulger, it is clear to me he is not the man to mentor Joe Flacco. The Ravens find themselves in a very interesting situation with this signing. Bulger, who is set to make $3.8 million dollars in 2010 with 2 million more in incentives could earn up to more that $3 million dollars than Flacco, who is set to receive $2.66 million dollars in 2010. If I’m Joe Flacco am I really going to take the advice of a guy who has not proved he can win in the playoffs, come through in the big moment, or stay healthy to play an entire season?

The Ravens, a team on the cusp of Super Bowl glory, have brought in the pieces both offensively and defensively for Joe Flacco to succeed. The keys to being an elite team now are in Joe Flacco’s hands, and I honestly cannot see Marc Bulger doing a good job of mentoring Flacco to greatness. Look at the greats who have won Super Bowls; Steve Young had Joe Montana in his corner and Tom Brady had Drew Bledsoe. I just don’t see Marc Bulger in the class of these greats.

-Justin Silberman

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  • You’re an idiot

    I Know you’re “new” and all but man you’ve got a lot to learn about journalism. It’s terribly obvious that you just looked up MB’s stats on ESPN and wrote about them as if you had actually recollected the pain. I see you watching ZERO games marc bulger has played in (except
    ravens, maybe). So,,,you wouldn’t remember ZERO WR’s the last three years, ZERO OL last three years, ZERO OC’s last three years, ZERO playcalling last three years. Seriously man…get your head out of your a$$, and your textbook.

  • jbird

    Bulger is still a great QB who played for a very bad offensive line. If given the chance he will prove much more valuable than Joe Flacco. Conider yourselves lucky Ravens fans you just got a steal….

  • stukes

    the man has two probowls, which is more than all of the qbs combined. he is a veteran that knows what its like to have success in the nfl. he knows what it takes to reach that probowl level. this knowledge will help joe in the the long run. marc will also be the one joe turns to for questions or just simple advice. i believe marc was brought in for more of an off the field mentor role, because frankly, joe didnt have anyone else to relate to on the team. now he has marc.

  • Joe Barnes

    All very good points. Everybody’s entitled to their opinions, and it’s good to get some debate going here.

    My take is that Bulger isn’t the right guy to mentor Flacco, simply because he’s not the type of guy that the Ravens want Flacco to be. The Ravens want Flacco to be a winner, not a Pro-Bowler on a bad team. I do think that he’ll be a great insurance policy in case of injury, and the way he carries himself as a QB will rub off onto Joe.

    I love the debate, be sure to look out for Justin’s next post and share your opinions on that as well.

  • KP

    I think bulger is a great insurance policy to flacco. compared to troy smith and beck , bulger’s been around the block in NFL terms and been to two pro bowls. sure hes not at the level he was once at that, but like some other people have said that was more the rams being a terrible team then him regressing that much as a player. honestly, i think its not really a weakness worth looking into much.

  • Casey Durkin

    If you are arguing that the price for him was too high, that depends on how much you are willing to pay a backup quarterback. The NFL average salary per year is 3.3 million. Bulger will be making $500K more than that. Is he worth that? Probably not. But, that is something that it is up for the team to decide. And seeing as though Ozzie Newsome was behind this addition, and not someone like Matt Millen, I think that we will just have to wait and see.

  • Halaine Steinberg

    Justin you are right on target with this. You obviously have done your research and can back up your opinion with hard facts. I can’t wait to read your next article.

  • Justin Silberman

    Just for the record “you’re an idiot” or whatever your name is, its a perfect name for you because you’re the one who is the real idiot.

    Marc Bulger hasnt had any receivers in the last 3 years? Lets take a look Torry Holt enough said he’s been a top 3 receiver in the NFL over the past decade future HOF. Issac Bruce? He’s only 2nd in NFL history in all time receptions. And for having no line…are you kidding me? Look at Orlando Pace. One of the best Left tackles in NFL history another former Ram on his way to Canton.

  • Justin Silberman

    When you look at the greats of the game and the mentors they had look at Eli Manning. He had Kurt Warner a future HOF and a Super Bowl and MVP winner. Look at Steve Young he may have had the greatest qb of all time in his corner in Joe Montana, a 3 time Super Bowl champion. Look at Tom Brady a 3 time Super Bowl champion, learned from Drew Bledose a Super Bowl champion and was a Super Bowl quarterback before Tom Brady. The NFL isnt about personal acheivements and Pro Bowls and all that garbage. As a quarterback your defined by one stat: Super Bowl wins. Nothing more, nothing less. Thats why you cant consider Marino the best of all time, stat-wise he may be, but football is a team game defined by winning. So you can throw away Pro Bowls and all that nonsense. Bulger hasnt even won as a starter to begin with, and what message are you as the Ravens, sending to your football team that your back up qb is making more than your starter?

  • Casey Durkin

    KC Joyner, of ESPN, weighing in…

    Gorman (Baltimore, MD) (GREAT NAME)

    Love your chat KC. Who is the best BACKUP quarterback in your opinion? I think I gotta go with my Ravens and Marc Bulger. You?

    KC Joyner

    I would if Bulger were the QB he was a couple of years ago. Now I might have to go with Pennington (assuming he’s healthy) or Tyler Thigpen (or at least those are the two best I can think of off the top of my head).

    what message are you as the Ravens, sending to your football team that your back up qb is making more than your starter? THAT IS THE KEY POINT JUSTIN.

  • Justin Silberman

    And as you see in the post I touched on that. Bulger could earn as much as up to 3 million more dollars than Joe Flacco

  • Casey Durkin

    I saw it, I was just saying how good of a point it was.

  • Jarrett

    I think Bulger could be a good back-up. If the Ravens do need to start winging it, its not like he’s totally incapable of moving the ball.

    Besides, he’ll be behind a much better offensive line and have a far better running game than he had in St. Louis.