And On The Seventh Day...God Created Football

It’s here! It’s football Sunday, and it’s just as great as we all expected it to be. With the Ravens not playing today, we get to sit back and enjoy the best of the rest of the NFL.

Check out the biggest matchups of the day, after the jump.

Cincinnati vs New England: Any other year you’d think that this is an easy win for New England, but things are different in Cincy now. After a great year last season, the Ben-Gals added Terrell Owens, and has improved on both sides of the ball. The Patriots have the worst-driving QB in the NFL, and look less intimidating then they ever have. Expect a win for the Pats, but don’t count on it being a big one. And be ready for some epic touchdown celebrations coming from Ocho and TO.

Indianapolis vs Houston: I think it’s been the last seven season that the majority of football fans have said that “this is the Texans’ year!”. This season, it’s still the same exact people, saying the same exact things. They may have a case to say that this season, though, with Matt Schaub evolving into a great quarterback, and the Texans’ defense finally looking like they know what they’re doing. Being at home to open the season, I can feel an upset brewing.

Cleveland vs Tampa Bay: Familiarize yourself with these two teams. That’s because we’ll be hearing a lot about them come next April, when they both will be picking in the first three picks in the NFL Draft. Neither of these teams have much going for them, and that doesn’t look like it’s changing anytime soon. It’s kind of ironic that two of the league’s worst play each other in Week 1, but think about it positively. We know that one of these teams will win a game this year. Or even better, maybe they tie!

Enjoy your Sunday, folks. Predictions should be posted soon.

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