Is the NFL Becoming a Scapegoat?

Amid Jim Tressel resigning from Ohio State, (Yeah, it’s Ohio State. Not that stupid “THE” Ohio State.

Like there’s another one?) all the NCAA violations even being found in the heart-warming Boise State, and even the first over-all draft pick (Cam Newton) being rumored to have violations mucking up his path to the draft, I’m beginning to wonder if there will be a harsher SMU-like “death penalty” soon going out across all of college. Whenever analyst talk about transferring from the collegiate level to the professional level, it seems like all those bad memories seem to magically disappear like it never happened. Which really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because in the real world if you got money under the table and lied about it to the feds, they’d be all over you like butter on a biscuit and you’d be lucky if you didn’t get jail time, let alone get another job. Instead, college athletes do whatever they want, get away with it, if anything their college coach gets canned, and then they go on to the NFL, make millions of dollars and are adored by thousands of people.  Does this not sound ludicrous? Does this not beg the question of is the NFL becoming somewhat of a scapegoat for immature college kids who are trying to out run their skeletons in their closet?


Take Terrelle Pryor for an example. He sells his Big Ten Championship rings (What ever happened to giving those to your girl?) and jerseys to a tattoo shop and has been seen around campus driving a nice, expensive, new car almost monthly. Now there’s talk he’s going to enter the NFL’s supplemental draft to get rid of any consequences he would face if he were still a Buckeye next year. Should the NFL even stand for this? If a player could get into all this trouble seemingly broke as a student, imagine what he’ll do with the franchise’s millions in his hands?

Now some players who go into football just looking for a clean slate and deserve it. Jimmy Smith, who was the Ravens first round draft pick this year, is a great example.

He had multiple failed drug tests, admitted to being abusing codeine, and even abuse but for the past two years he’s been cleaner and quieter than a church mouse. Notice though, those things were all about Jimmy Smith were his personal short-falls. Instead, Pryor abused the NCAA system entirely with boosters and the cars and selling school awards (though personal) for his own gain. If I were a GM I wouldn’t even touch Pryor or players like him. Bad for the franchise, bad for your name, and bad for the locker room. Yeah you might win a few more games, but with all the mud you just been raked through, it isn’t going to be pretty.

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  • Mandy

    It IS THE Ohio State University. I have a master’s degree that says so! Quit being ignorant.
    Just makes me not want to read your article. I’m usually open minded but not when the first
    sentence disses my alma mater AND the best damn college football team in the US. Take
    your article and shove it.

    • A Buckeye is a Nut

      “the best damn college football team in the US”?

      It is now coming to light how they became that (in your opinion) and that is still a matter of pride?

      Sad folk you all are in Columbus.

  • Mandy

    By the way, you might want to get someone to proofread next time. This is not grammatically correct: “Notice though, those things were all about Jimmy Smith were his personal short-falls.”

    It should read either, “Notice though, those things about Jimmy Smith were all is personal short-falls.” OR “Notice though, all those things about Jimmy Smith were his personal short-falls.” The way it is written makes no sense. Did someone pay you to write this article? I’m pretty sure I could have done a better job. I could afford to make some more money…

    • 20reed20

      Actually, I don’t make a dime for these articles. I do it because I love it. Thanks for the proofreading tips, though. I’ll be sure to keep them in mind. Nevertheless, my cousin is band director at Ohio State so you can take that masters degree and how do you say “Shove it”.

      • Mandy

        If your cousin is the band director, all the more reason you should know it IS “The” Ohio State University. The only reason I mentioned my master’s degree is because since I graduated from their graduate school I have a diploma with THE Ohio State University printed on it. By the way after reading your article again when I was more calm I found several more grammatical errors that I would be more than happy to point out, so before you tell me to take my degree and shove it you should think about going back to school yourself before you write more articles. I’m sure THE Ohio State University could probably teach you a thing or two.

  • Riley B

    I apologize for the grammatical errors in this article. Staying professional and efficient is one of our top goals for this blog. In the future, we will strive to achieve this goal so we can create a better experience for our readers. The audience is most important to us and in no way do we wish to insult you.
    In response to your first comment about the word “The”, I believe that you misunderstood the author’s context of the statement. While officially the school is called “The Ohio State University”, it seemed that the author was trying to mock athletes that commonly emphasize “The” in order to bring about an air of superiority or eliteness. The same can be said about Miami when players call it “The U.” This emphasis originated from alumni who wanted to avoid confusion with Oregon State and Oklahoma State players who said “OSU.” It is a common joke among players who now put “The” in front of schools to show power amongst everyone else. To many, the arrogance that this displays is unsettling and disturbing. While many Ohio State fans gloat and say it whenever they can, it makes non Ohio State fans dislike them. The same can be said about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Terrible Towels. To Steelers’ fans, they are an icon of recognition and boldness, while to Ravens’ fans, they are a sight of disgust and hatred.
    I don’t think that the author was trying to insult Ohio State alumni with his comment, but rather to undermine the cockiness that many of their players express while saying “The.” While I can see why you’re upset about a slight dis to your alma matter, somethings need to be taken with a grain of salt. Calling someone ignorant and telling them to “shove it” is no way to respond to an opinion. I encourage you to openly express your views on the subject, but direct and personal insults are uncalled for. Claiming that Ohio State is “the best damn college football team in the US” exemplifies the bias and pomposity that those very players show while emphasizing the word “The.” While I respect and encourage your allegiance to your favorite team, some objectivity doesn’t hurt every once and awhile.

    • Bucknut

      This is not true. “The” was started when Ohio University sued Ohio State over the right to use the lone word Ohio on their memorabilia. Unbeknownst to this author, there is actually another state university in Ohio!!!

      So, the emphasis became a sticking point between Columbus and Athens. “You can call yourself Ohio, but we are THE state university of Ohio”.

      If you wanna be offended by a putdown of the Bobcats, be my guest, but if you want to claim I’m being a snob by using the real name of my alma mater, you can stuff it.

  • Mandy

    As I previously stated I usually am very open minded and/or objective but I disagree with your explanation about the first sentence of the article. The author deliberately explains that he thinks it’s “stupid”…”like there’s more than one”. Ignorant was not meant as an insult, more as an observation of the fact that he is either unaware that the name of the school is actually The Ohio State University, or that he would call the name stupid if he has any respect for Ohio State fans or their alumni, or any hope that they might read his article with an unbiased and open mind. While we’re on the subject of bias, let me comment on what you call my bias. Of course I am loyal to my team and alma mater and as you said, I am entitled to my opinion. I am not being pompous when I say OSU is the best, merely standing behind my team, and expressing my opinion. OSU football players are not the only ones who have NCAA violations like these, and there are countless more who never get caught. The spotlight is just on them right now. In response to the other poster about pride, yes, OSU fans are extremely loyal, and not fair weather fans like so many others. So yes I am proud and I stand behind my school and my team.

  • Lauren

    Every school has “the” in front of it. The University of Maryland, The University of Miami, The University of Illinois, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Texas, etc. etc. It’s clear that the author was referring to the pompous way in which the athletes pronounce “the.” If you’ve ever watched an NFL game when the offensive line or defensive line players are introduced at the start of the game, they show the players saying their name, position, and school and almost every single one pronounces THE in that way. It has nothing to do with dissing OSU as a school. It’s clearly a good school like every school in the Big 10.

  • FloridaBuckeye

    And…..The cars came frome “THE” Jack Maxton Chevrolet!
    As a Buckeye, I am viewing this differently than fellow Buckeyes. I am pissed at Tressel. I am pissed at the players.
    Tressel has a record of misdeeds going back to his Youngstown days. In the mid 1980′s as an Ohio State assistant he rigged the raffles held at recruiting camp so the players they were most interested in got the best draws. Tressel has serious stains and my fellow Buckeye fans keep trying to rationaize his violations down to the trivial level. Absurd! Buckeye fans should be very mad at Tressel right now….not supporting him.
    My fellow Buckeye fans are refusing to see the magaitude of the damage that Tressel has done to “The” Ohio State University. I even raise the question as to whether co-defensive coordinator Luke Finkell is clean enough to take the interim job. It should be looked into.
    Oh, by-the-way, “The” Ohio State University is unique in using the word, “the,” in it’s official title. I can’t say that I am aware of another university that uses, “the,” as part of it’s official title and logo.
    Go Buckeyes! Pick it up and suck it up! Tressel turned out to be a fraud with a decade long public relations campaign that practically elevated him to “angelic” status. BULL!
    Next coach please…..