Jim Harbaugh Delivers For The Baltimore Ravens

Thanks Jim, we owe you one.

The San Francisco 49ers have defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-3 and with that, handed the division right back to the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are now the two seed and the New England Patriots own the top spot. Meanwhile, the Steelers drop back to the five seed where they will remain unless the Ravens lose one of their last two games. Jim helped out his big brother big time with that decisive win over the Steelers.

Large Benjamin is by far the toughest player in the league. While acknowledging that fact, you can’t help but question the coaching staffs decision to let him play. He was hobbling around the field like a pirate with a peg leg and couldn’t properly set his feet while in the pocket. His three interception can attest to this as two of them where poorly thrown balls, something you typically don’t see from Roethlisberger. I would be absolutely shocked if he plays next week as he took a beating tonight and only made his injury worse.

It’s funny how things work out in the NFL. One week your rooting to beat a team, and then you’re cheering for that same team to win a big one. On that note, I raise a cheers to Jim Harbaugh. Thanks for getting the Ravens back on top of the AFC North.

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