Colts Hiring Pagano Could Make the Ravens Draft a Bit More Interesting

The Ravens currently hold the 29th pick in the NFL draft. The Indianapolis Colts hold the first pick of the second round. With Chuck Pagano in charge of the Colts now i could see a scenario where the Ravens trade back a few spots with the Colts and pick up an extra draft pick(this could also happen in the second round instead of the first). it just seems to me, that this years draft is not extremely talented at the top, what it is though, is extremely deep. the Ravens are going to want all the mid round picks they can get their hands on.

if a player like Dontario Poe, who translates well to being an NFL nose tackle(something the Colts will desperately need to run Paganos defensive Scheme), were to fall to the Ravens and there wasnt a player like a Vontaze Burfict or Zach Brown available for them, that the Ravens would be very interested in trading back 5-10 spots to pick up some extra picks, the Colts would be in a good position to trade back up and land two stud players to be the cornerstones of their offense(Andrew Luck) and their defense(Poe). the Colts get their players and the Ravens get some more draft ammo, its a win win.

Chuck Paganos familiarity with Ozzie Newsome could certainly lead to a deal like that getting done. just something interesting to keep an eye on as the draft comes up.


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