Stephen Hill really helped himself with a great combine workout.

Stephen Hill Is Ridiculous and More Notes From Day 2 of Combine Workouts

Yesterday in Indianapolis the WRs, RBs, and TEs got their chance to showcase their skills on the field. a few guys were really impressive, others…not so much.

You might remember Stephen Hill from this ridiculous catch that became an internet sensation earlier this season.

Hill played at Georgia Tech in college. For those of you unaware of how Georgia Tech plays football it can be summed up in a few word. They dont throw the football. Its pretty much that simple. He only pulled down 28 passes(on 34 targets which is a really good reception rate) but that didnt stop him from putting up over 800 yards while averaging nearly 30 yards per catch. But here is the catch, he isnt a deep ball WR. Thats not to say that he cant get the deep ball, he can. I just mean that he wasnt primarily a guy that went downfield every play. He made alot of those catches within 15 yards of the LOS and broke some tackles on the way to a monster play.

At the Combine yesterday Hill ran a 4.3 40 yard dash. The ridiculous thing about that is that he is over 6’5″ tall and weighs 215 lbs. For comparisons sake, Chris Johnson ran a 4.28 40 a few years ago and he is 5’11” 185 lbs. Hill went on to show off some great hands in the on field drills as he made a couple of great catches on 9 routes where his ball was significantly overthrown. He had a great gauntlet (which is a stupid drill) and he looked better than I expected him to running routes. That said, the Ravens or any other team that drafted him would have to spend some serious time working on his route tree, because it is extremely undeveloped.

Here are some other Players and things that stood out to me.

-I was completely unimpressed with Joe Adams (WR, Arkansas). He ran slower than he needed to, he was sloppy in the on field drills and he dropped about half a dozen well placed balls. I thought Adams was over-rated and underwhelming coming into the combine, I feel no differently now.

-Justin Blackmon didnt run the 40, but he was very solid in the on field drills. I would be shocked if the Browns were unable to trade up for RGIII and they didnt take Blackmon at number four.

-That said, I would be even more shocked if the Browns didnt make a really strong push to go get RGIII, he had a great day and further solidified his stock as the number two QB and number two player overall.

-Andrew Luck will be the number one overall pick. the media has been trying to create a controversy here, but there simply isnt one. Luck is the better prospect all day long.

-I was really impressed by Chris Rainey (RB, Florida). He has had a great draft season so far and has slowly worked his way into the second round conversation. He ran a 4.37 40 and looked fantastic in the RB receiving drills. He was easily the most fluid runner at the combine. He has built momentum by having a great senior bowl week and now a great combine.

-Doug Martin(RB, Boise St.) also had a good day, he caught the ball better than a lot of people thought he would and looked very quick in the drills.

-I liked David Meggett’s (RB, Maryland) body. The guy is built like a linebacker. Before I ever saw him run or in a single drill I was already impressed with him. The guy is a monster.

-Reuben Randall (WR, LSU) was a bit underwheming for me. He ran an average 40 time, dropped some balls, looked a little sloppy etc. He could be a solid NFL player one day, but whoever drafts him is going to have to put a lot of work in to him.

-Brian Quick continues to impress me. I haven’t seen a ton of his tape because he played at Appalachian State but he has prototype NFL size, a solid forty, and the drills he ran were really impressive to me. He looked sharp coming out of his breaks and he showed an ability to run nice crisp lines. I think he will end up being a second round pick.

I’m going to try and get the day 3 workout notes up in a few hours. I’m still going over the footage, so bear with me a bit. LBs and DL up next.

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