Burfict played himself way out of the first round today.

Vontaze Burficts Terrible, No Good, Awful, Rotten, Very Bad Day and More Notes From the Third Day of Combine Workouts.

Vontaze Burfict kind of made me mad today. Not only was his 40 yard dash terrible, his vertical pedestrian and his presser ridiculous. He was a no show for on field drills. I’m not sure where he went, its possible he pulled a hamstring or something running his 40 (lets hope there was some kind of injury to cause that awful run). If he pulled a muscle or something then I forgive him, but if not, where the hell did he go? It bugs me that he wasn’t there for the
drills. It is another major red flag for me.

He started his combine weekend by blaming his coaches for his lackluster senior year(which also made me mad) in basically the same sentence that he said he was a good, but misunderstood, person. An unnamed team scout described his team media interviews as “disastrous” and said that burfict was completely out of control and that he was shocked that the ASU coaching staff didn’t cut him loose.

No player sent up more red flags this weekend than Burfict and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in the fourth round of the draft. This was the worst individual combine I can ever remember seeing.

Here are some more notes from Monday.

-Cam Johnson was maybe the most impressive of the defensive lineman. He was fantastic during drills and almost knocked over a bag holder in one of the punch drills twice. He looked very quick and very powerful. He could end up being a 3rd round steal.

-Bruce Irvin was better than I expected him to be and he looked like a second rounder. He ran a 4.53 40 and then went on to show off a lot of quickness in the drills. He was far and away the best player in the LB drills amongst defensive lineman. I could see Irvin being the Ravens second round pick.

-Chandler Jones is a guy a lot of Ravens fans want to see in purple and black in the near future. Jones had a solid day and helped his stock a bit. He comes from a very athletic family (brothers to Ravens DT Art Jones, and MMA fighter Jon “bones” Jones).

-Melvin Ingram looked like a natural OLB today, he was just as solid as Irivin in all the OLB drills but he is 30 lbs bigger. Enough said. I would be pretty surprised if he lasted long enough to get drafted by the Ravens.

-Vinny Currey(DE/OLB, Marshall) was pretty unimpressive today. He ran a 4.9 40(at 250 lbs) which is terrible, his 10 yard split was awful, he had stiff hips all day, and just overall was not good. Teams consierding him in the latter parts of the first round will want to reconsider.

-Ronnell Lewis killed the bench press and ran good 40 times but lacked some fluidity in the on field drills. He would be a nice pick in the second round but I don’t see him in the first.

-Jonathan Massaquoi ran great times in te high 4.7 range. JM is a sleeper prospect and in my mind he would be a steal in the third round and a potential long term replacement for Jarrett Johnson, he is extremely raw but immensely talented and he showed that off today.

-Shea McClellen and Billy Winn are DE/OLB prospects from Boise St. Winn is generally held in higher regard than Shea but both are solid players. Winn had a nice day and solidified himself as a second rounder and Shea had a great day and might have found a way into the 3rd round.

-Whitney Mercilus and Nick Perry are similar players. Both are potential late first rounders, both are rush 3-4 OLBs, both are liabilities against the run and both are great athletes. I personally like Mercilus a little bit more than Perry because Perry tends to disappear at times, but Perry did out perform Mercilus at the combine today. It will be interesting to see where these guys end up going.

-Dontario Poe has no chance of falling to the Ravens, but he is insanely talented. He is the next Haloti Ngata, he would be an absolute steal if he falls to 29. And the ravens would be crazy to pass him up.

-Vontaze Burfict ran a pedestrian 4.93. he was extremely disappointing he got a 30” vertical and I am starting to believe more and more that the Ravens could easily get him in the second round and maybe even the third or fourth(if they have a comp pick in the fourth). This was one of the most disappointing combine performances for me in recent memory.

-Zach Brown might not be the best fit for the Ravens but it would be difficult to pass on him if he is available. He is that good of an athlete. He was a three sport player in high school and holds the school record for the 60 yard dash at UNC. He ran a 4.45 40 time and stumbled twice, on his second try he ran a 4.44 but you got the feeling he could have run better. he looked great in the drills. He is a top 20 lock in my mind

-Donta Hightower had a pretty nice day on the field. He might have played his way out of the Ravens hands. He ran a 4. 62 40 and had a 32” vertical. He could easily be a top 20 pick.


Tomorrow I will be talking DBs.


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