Screw the Pats: The New England Patriots Conniving Draft Tactics

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I would like to start off by saying – I hate Bill Belichick…. I respect him absolutely.  But I hate him.  First I have to watch Lee Evans drop a superbowl birth in the endzone, and then I get the air knocked out of me again, three months later, when Belichick traded up to snatch Hightower.  What a dick.

He already took Art’s brother; why does he have to continually slap us in the face!?  We’re one of his favorite trading partners.  Now he’s leap-froging us?


It’s not like ILB was a position of need.  The Patriots already have Mayo and Spikes.  So, I guess Donta will be used as an OLB until one of those guys’ contracts is nearly finished.  And Belichick can ruthlessly trade them away with one year left  to acquire more picks, which will really be more ammo to “f” some other team in another draft.


I’m mainly just blowing off steam.  If anything I’m a fan of Belichick.  He’s an absolute genius not only as a defensive coordinator and head coach, but as a general manager.  If the super bowl trophy was yet to be named, we might not be calling it ‘Lombadari.’


I’m so proud of Ozzie staying the course.  Don’t reach.  Trust your board.  Trust your process.  As has been stated one hundred times around the web, there were several players still available when the Ravens picked at 29 to warrant them trading down where they can still grab one of their highest-rated players.  They probably spoke to a few teams about moving up for Hightower, but I doubt there were many takers.


With head-scrachting picks like Irvin to Seattle and Weeden to Cleveland in the first round, there were a lot of falling gems in the early 20’s.  Though we didn’t know Pittsburgh wasn’t going to take Hightower, I’m sure the Lions were not interested in passing on Rief who is a top-15 talent and the second best OT in the draft.  And after the Steelers took DeCastro (total bummer – that guys is sick and great value for the stupid Steelers), I don’t think Denver was all too excited to trade with us.  After all, the Ravens Belichick’d them in 2010 with the Tebow trade; not to mention Belichick has McDaniels to soothe-say Bronco’s brass into trading with them instead of the Ravens (I have no proof of this just still bitter – I should envoke the Raven’s 24-hour rule on myself).


But at the end of the day, looking at the next two picks after Hightower was taken, it’s clear he wasn’t going to fall to 29.  There was a run on front seven personnel with pass rush ability.  The Ravens could have still tried to move up to get him for less, but Belichick had too much ammunition to win a bidding war…. Don’t think their aren’t auctions for draft picks.  Look at the Rams at No. 2 before the draft.  Or how about the Vikings today at No.3!!  They told Cleveland that Tampa Bay was coming up for Richardson, so they better pay-up if they want him.


The Ravens do not have enough holes on their roster to package picks to move up in the first round – at least not like the Patriots do.  The national media may think we desperately need an OG, 3rd WR, 5-Technique DE, OLB, Safety depth, KR.  But the fact of the matter is, the Ravens promote from within under Harbaugh (and owner Steve Biscotti – he doesn’t get enough credit, but he is so awesome…. I wish he bought the Orioles).  If a spell could be cast and the Ravens lost all of their picks, they still would be a playoff caliber team.

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