Screw the Pats: The New England Patriots Conniving Draft Tactics

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However, I am realistic in my heart-of-hearts…. with our brutal schedule this year, we need a “sick” draft class to add depth and bring in some young talent who can compete with our players for playing time.


As for tomorrow and Saturday, I still want Hill and Hilton.  I know offensive line is a ‘need’ but really we need depth.  Barring injury (knock on wood), we could play with our penciled in starters.  People may roll their eyes or strongly disagree with me, but consistency is extremely important for the O-Line.  We have 4 of 5 starters returning and they all are going to play their natural positions (at least the ones they played last year).  And none of them are bums.  McKinney’s attending Raven’s fat-camp – I mean volunteer workouts.  And Birk is not getting surgery this year, so he should be good to go (as long as he doesn’t insult Vince Wilfork’s wife again – seriously, talk about domination).


I don’t necessarily want Peter Konz at pick 35.  The fact that Zeitler snuck into the first round ahead of Konz is concerning.  Teams must be scared of Konz’s medical…. and as for Cordy Glenn, pass.  So he’s humungous… so what?  His tape doesn’t show him dominating.  And he’s only considered enormous because he wasn’t good enough to play LT in college, so they slid him to guard.  No thanks.


Hill on the other hand is a man amongst boys.  Let him run 9 routes and come-backs, when he isn’t displaying his skills as the best run-blocking WR in the draft.  Win-win for the Ravens.


If we can get Upshaw too that would be incredible.  I don’t know how or why he slid out of the first.  But the most dominating physical talent on the National Champion’s record setting defense, is not going to fail because he has “short arms.”  He abused offenses and gobbled up QB’s in the SEC.  Let him do the same in the NFL equivalent AFC North.


If the Ravens can pull a miracle by acquiring both Hill and Upshaw by trading up in the 2nd round, I would truly be in awe of the Wizard of Oz (trumping Belichick, the “Evil Emperor” from Star Wars).


If Hill and Upshaw are gone at 35, I’m happy with the Ravens taking Konz.  They’ll go on to get a quality player at the bottom of the 2nd.  And still get my boy, T.Y. Hilton, with the Viking’s early 4th rounder (the 98th pick)!!!!

Let’s go!

p.s. Please Ozzie, do something memorable tomorrow – I’m waking up at 4 in the morning, like I did yesterday to watch the NFL Draft live from India.



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  • steelersinfodotcom

    Congrats to ozzie and the Ravens for a wise move at the bottom of the first.  Steelers and Baltimore have similar success in building through the draft.  After New England grabbed Hightower, I think Baltimore trading into the top of the second was brilliant.  The benefit is huge.  They are now in the midst of an eighteen hour review of the talent left on the board.  With all the QBs, WRs and 4-3 type DEs picked in the first round, there are tons of available players that the Ravens probably have high grades on.  Good luck but just don’t do too well in this round guys, ok?  No hate here, just respect shared in the best division in football.

  • EbonyBird

     @steelersinfodotcom Definitely agree. DeCastro is a great fit for Pittsburgh too. I forgot he was still on the board when the Steelers grabbed him and was surprised he slid that far. He’ll help your offensive line tremendously next year. I’m hoping the Ravens take Courtney Upshaw at 35. I didn’t think he would last this long but it looks like he’ll still be there.

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