Dec 2, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy (14) is congratulated by teammates Mark Sanchez (6) and Tim Tebow (right) after a touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals at Metlife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

Jets Bench Sanchez, Other Early Game Recaps

Heres whats going on in the NFL this morning


Jacksonville 18 @ Buffalo 34- The Worst team in the league got beat by the most mediocre team in the league by almost 20 points. There isn’t much more to say here. both teams were pretty horrible. The Jags didn’t have a single rusher gain over 29 yards. The Bills defense missed about a dozen tackles. the only high note of the game was Fred Jackson netting 109 rushing yards.


Seattle 23 @ Chicago 17 – These teams just slugged it out back and forth until overtime, which was set up by a brilliant hail mary catch by Brandon Marshall to set up a game tying FG. The BEars got the ball first in OT, but they couldn’t do anything at all and punted to the Seahawks whose rookie QB Russell Wilson made things look way way to easy. He marched the team about 75 yards down the field and made a 13 yard pass to Sidney Rice for the game winning TD. Brilliant, do yourself a favor and go watch the replays. Sidney Rice took a huge hit as he crossed the goal line and looks like he has a concussion. I haven’t been a big beleiver in Russell Wilson, but he was pretty poised and perfect today.


Indianapolis 35 @ Detroit 33- Another great game. Andrew Luck was incredible and overcame 3 INTs to throw the game winning 14 yard score to donnie Avery. He finished with 391 yards and 4 TDs. Luck continues to look like a seasoned veteran and he has more poise and control than any rookie I have ever seen. I have said it a thousand times and I will say it a thousand more, Luck is going to dominate the NFL for the next 15 years.


Minnesota 14 @ Green Bay 23 – Adrian Peterson can only do so much. The Vikings went into halftime on the heels of an 82 yard TD run that put them up 14–10 over the pack. The Vikings were never able to get it done in the second half though and they were outscored 13-0 in that time. Peterson finished with 210 yards and a TD on 21 carries(thats 10 yards per carry by the way). Peterson has to be frustrated right now that he could have one of the best games of his career and his team could get manhandled. I also think it is fair to wonder why Peterson didn’t get more touches. He was clearly their best chance of winning.


Carolina 21 @ Kansas City 27 – The Chiefs were playing with the Shadow of Javon Belcher casting a dark presence over the game. We probably all know the story by know So I am not going to delve into it other than to say that the Chiefs clearly played like they had something to play for today, thats something you couldn’t have said about them for weeks on end now. This was far and away the cleanest and best game the chiefs have played all season. They limited the Panthers running game to ineffectiveness and they put up a solid 27 points and ground out a 27-21 win. It was clearly a very emotional game for them and your heart goes out to those guys who lost a good friend and a member of their Football family yesterday. Congrats Chiefs.


New England 23 @ Miami 16- New England won this game, which is not surprising, but the Dolphins put up a heck of a fight which was very surprising. The game came down to an onside kick attempt by the Dolphins which was not successful and the Patriots were able to run out the clock with a few kneels. The Fins played well all day and while they never seriously threatened the Pats, they did send a message that they weren’t going to be pushed around. Can you have a statement loss in the NFL?


Arizona 6 @ New York Jets 7- This was a horribly ugly game. Mark Sanchez continues to prove he is at best a lower 3rd starter in the NFL. at one point he had 5 completions and 3 interceptions. After going 10-21 for less than 100 yards and 3 picks, Sanchez was benched, but not for Tebow. Tebow is hurt, McElroy was the guy this time. He came in and prompty completed 5-7 passes and led a TD drive and won the game. There is trouble brewing in jersey-B boys and girls, this could get messy. Horrible game all around. Rex Ryan would not commit to a QB after the game.


Houston 24 @ Tennessee 10 – The Texans have been struggling for a few weeks now, but what better to get you back on track than a game against the NFLs ultimate hot and cold team on a day they go cold. Jake Locker was brilliant at times and threw for well over 300 yards but he was also extremely self destructive throwing 3 INTs(two weren’t even forced they were just horrible throws).The Texans didn’t do anything overwhelming, which continues to give me the idea that if the Ravens finish strong they might have a shot at the top seed, but they did enough to win by 14 against a bad team.


San Francisco @ St. Louis- This was an excellent game. Im going to fast forward past the first half into the second half. The 49ers were up 7-0. When Colin Kaepernack(hereby referred to as CK) took a snap(at the 12 yard line), failed to recognize a 7 man blitz coming by the Rams, tried to run away from the pass rush, ran into the endzone and chucked a lame duck of a ball up, the ball didn’t clear the line of scrimmage, intentional grounding was called, Safety. The Rams trailed 2-7 after that complete disaster of a play. The teams traded punts a few times before we got another CK disaster. The Rams had a solid punt to pin the 49ers down at about their own 12 yard line, CK pitched the ball out to Tedd Ginn Jr, but the pitch was terrible. there was almost no chance for Ginn to get the ball, then to compound matters, Ginn tried to scoop the ball up and run rather than just fall on it. It should be noted at this point that the 49ers led 10-2 and needed just 3 first downs to run the clock out. The Fumble was recovered by Janoris Jenkins who proceeded to roll into the endzone, less than 1 minute later the Rams converted a 2 point attempt and knotted the game up at 10. CKs body language was terrible on the sideline and I thought at the time that a collapse was immanent, I was wrong. On the ensuing drive Capernick had an amazing scramble. CK took the ball 51 yards to the 12 yard line on what was most certainly the biggest play by the 49ers of the game, maybe the biggest of the game. The blocking was incredible for him on the play, if you get a chance to see it just watch the blocking once, it was awesome possum. The drive sputtered out when the 49ers had a dropped TD pass and a holding penalty back to back, but they were able to get 3 out of it to take a 13-10 lead. Sam Bradford led a great drive to get the Rams in Field goal position, he twice picked up 15 yard runs when his blocking broke down and made a couple nice throws to make a FG reasonable. The attempt was 53 yards, Zeurline has 5 hits from further than that on the season, and if he hit it, it was OT. And He nailed it. The ball cleared by a solid 15 feet and was dead center. perfect kick, and this game was going to overtime. after a few traded punts and yet another missed Field goal by the 49ers, the Rams finally had a drive worth mentioning. staring down the barrel of 2 games, 10 quarters, with no winner the Rams were able to get the ball down to set up a 54 yard Field goal and he nailed it yet again and finally, there is a winner between the 49ers and the Rams. Wowzers.

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