Flacco Shows Money Wont Change Him In Press Conference

What is not to love about Joe Flacco and his personality? He is about as stable and consistent as any NFL player i can remember. Today the Ravens formally announced Flaccos’ Contract to the world with a press conference in Owings Mills. Flacco Wore a zip up pullover and a t-shirt to the event.


Things got even Flaccoier(thats right, i just made up a new word), when joe said he learned about the deal while attending a pizza party at his uncles house. Have you ever heard an NFL player say anything like that? Classic Flacco. This is the same guy that lived in his parents basement after signing a first round contract with the Ravens. This is just what Flacco does.


Pehaps the Flaccoiest moment of all came when he was asked what he was going to do with the money(he made 29 million in signing bonus money today). Flacco responded “I don’t know, stare at it I guess…” with a grin. This is Joe Flacco, get to know him. Flacco is about as quiet, relaxed and boring(his dad recently called him captain dull(affectionately)) as it gets. Just what you want in a starting QB.


Flacco may not be a super exciting guy off the field, but dont mistake his soft spoken personality for a lack of confidence. He has that in spades. When asked why Flacco didnt sign for a reported 17 million per season last year, he  responded “because i thought I was worth more”. Flacco knew the risks of playing under his final year this past season. He described looking for more than 17 without a title already in hand was a big risk, but that he never questioned his value, saying “I think I’m an asset to this team. … The fact that we won the Super Bowl just comes with that. If we didn’t win the Super Bowl this year, I still think I’m worth the same.”

If you needed any more affirmation that Flacco isn’t going to go all Ryan Leaf with his newfound wealth and fly straight to vegas or something. Here is what Flacco said about celebrating his new deal. “All the celebration I can take is going out and enjoying a nice little time with the people that are close to me and looking at each other saying, ‘Man, can you believe where we are?”.

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