Kyle Boller – Back to the Future?

Editorial Staff

Kyle Boller is slated to be the starting quarterback for the Ravens game this Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. For a young franchise with a long history of short-term solutions at quarterback, Boller had been drafted out Cal with the hopes of being the sure thing the team needed on offense.

Beginning this Sunday, it appears he’ll have a seven game audition to try and find a lead role somewhere else next season besides Baltimore.

Steve McNair, who was pulled from last week’s game against the Bengals after another fumble-filled performance, is out with a partially dislocated left shoulder. He will be the emergency quarterback behind Troy Smith for this contest, and possibly the rest of the season.

The Ravens have certainly painted themselves into a corner concerning Kyle Boller. They brought him back for one season to be a solid back-up, which he has proven to be. Now they need him to start and if he does anything for the Ravens that doesn’t involve losing, it’s likely the club will have to pony up dough for him that they originally didn’t plan on paying. How do we know? Because they gave that money to Steve McNair.

To sign Kyle Boller to any type of deal, or to go get a decent free agent, would likely mean releasing McNair, which would cost the team $3.35 million. It’s doable, but it wouldn’t be a wise move for a quarterback who has a winning record, more touchdowns than interceptions, but doesn’t have the hearts of the fan base.

The only approach that can be taken in this scenario is wait and see. Much of it will hinge on whether or not Billick remains as head coach, and how Boller fares the rest of the way.

For now, everybody into the DeLorean.