Five Reasons to Continue Watching the Baltimore Ravens


With three tough games coming up in as many weeks, you have all the motivation in the world to not watch the Baltimore Ravens until their mid-December showdown with the winless Miami Dolphins. And even then, depending on what happens against the San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, you might not want to watch that game either.

But you should. Not just because you are a loyal fan, a football enthusiast or a fool, but because the drama and intrigue that surrounds the team will be more exciting than watching the squad lose by 10 field goals.

Here’s five reasons to keep watching your Ebony Birds.

5. The last legs of a dying defense – The Ravens defense has carried the club for far too long, and with several of its key players past their physical prime, we may be watching the final heroics of one of the most consistent and feared units in NFL history.

4. What to do about Brian Billick? – Fans are joining analysts in calling for Brian Billick’s job, but who would be a logical replacement for the position? Billick was brought in to be an offensive guru, but hasn’t proved to be worth the name he built in Minnesota. Also, there’s little room for maneuvering at the skill positions if a new coaching philosophy is brought in.

3. The Saga of Kyle Boller – Boller’s embrace by the local fans changes with the ebb and flow of the Baltimore Harbor. He’s proven this season to be more solid than in years past, but breakdowns in protection and a continuing level of inconsistency puts him smack in the middle of expendable and invaluable to the franchise.

2. There’s always hope – In spite of the age of its superstars, the Ravens defense is still among the tops in the league, so they are still a threat to create and capitalize on turnovers.

1. What else can go wrong? – Injuries, infighting and embarrassing losses have all played out for the team this year. You should watch just to because the AFC North’s poor can’t get any poorer