Five Reasons Why A Colt is the Answer For the Baltimore Ravens


With the Baltimore Ravens at 4-8, it’s time for the franchise to start looking towards next year’s NFL Draft. Historically, the draft has been Ravens’ GM Ozzie Newsome’s personal playground, having drafted a slew of future Hall of Famers and perennial pro bowlers in his tenure.

But the one position that has tarnished Newsome’s golden touch in the draft is quarterback. Chris Redman never panned out. Derek Anderson did, but not for the Ravens, and Kyle Boller….is Kyle Boller.

After a while, you have to figure it’s not the people they are drafting, but something with the system, but that’s another post for another day.

For now, the Ravens can be encouraged that their sorry record might translate into getting one of several NFL ready quarterbacks from the college ranks this year. Given the Ravens’ current state of affairs offensively, and the personnel they have in place, the logical choice for the team should be Hawaii QB Colt Brennan. Here’s five reasons why.

5. Being a system quarterback is a good thing for the Ravens – No NFL team expects miracles from rookie quarterbacks. But considering that Brennan ran a pass-happy system under June Jones at Hawaii, he should fit right in with a pass-happy coach in Brian Billick. And it just might be the perfect fit.

4. He’s used to no offensive line – Hawaii often ran four and five receiver sets against opponents. Taking snaps under an inconsistent-yet-mammoth offensive line in Baltimore should be a vacation for him.

3. Billick might just figure out Willis McGahee is pretty good- If and when Brian Billick figures out the Willis McGahee is pretty good, it would allow a QB like Brennan to grow and develop into the system, even if he was thrown in as a starter.

2. Brennan wins. The Ravens don’t – Say what you will about Hawaii’s competition this year. They played who they played and didn’t lose. Nobody ever complains that AFC North division opponents are too hard. Besides, Brennan is charismatic and tough, and could survive around egotistical teammates, unlike the easy going Boller.

1. If you want to throw intermediate timing routes, Brennan is your man. – You don’t set NCAA passing records without timing, and this kid’s got it. I do credit Boller for taking more chances down the field than McNair did, but much of that has to do with the ability of the receiving corp. Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton are designed for short routes that turn into big YAC, and Colt Brennan would be a perfect fit for that style of play, mixed with a solid running game.