John Madden Hates Kyle Boller


There was a lot of value in watching the Indianapolis Colts’ 44-20 slaughter of the Baltimore Ravens last night. For the Colts, Joseph Addai went buck wild for three touchdowns, and felt he could’ve scored more since the Ravens “stopped playing.” Peyton Manning also passed for his 300th career touchdown, and passed John Elway for fourth on the all-time list.

For the Ravens, last night’s shellacking offered the NFL regular season debut of Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith, who against the back-up defense completed a couple of passes and ran for the game’s last touchdown.

But the most intriguing aspect of last night’s game was comments by NBC analyst John Madden, who alluded in the late stages of the game that Kyle Boller was not the quarterback for the dismal present, or the near future for the Baltimore Ravens. Madden even suggested that the Ravens consider starting Troy Smith for the rest of the season.

Maybe Kyle’s inconsistency has run its course in Baltimore. The kid has tried, and in spite of problems with the offensive line, play calling, and marginal receivers for most of his career, it seems that a change of scenery would be good for Boller. His career record as a starter is 20-20, and maybe the vision on his future in Charm City should be just as clear.