Welcome Back Billick?


The Baltimore Sun cited an unidentified source with the Baltimore Ravens organization that head coach Brian Billick will return next season. Billick stated on Tuesday that he believed he would be back, and the source was quoted as saying that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti does not blame Billick for the injuries or the quarterback play that has doomed the team to a 4-9 record this season.

Injuries are no one’s fault, but the quarterback play is up for discussion.

Regarded in league circles as an “offensive guru” before taking the Ravens job, Billick has yet to produce a consistent starter at quarterback. No matter who has lined up under center, they’ve failed to produce. Just check the list:

Tony Banks, Stoney Case, Scott Mitchell, Trent Dilfer, Chris Redman, Randall Cunningham, Elvis Grbac, Jeff Blake, Kyle Boller, Anthony Wright, Kordell Stewart,
Steve McNair

And of the successful QB’s, the defense had just as much to do with the scoring as they did.

It’s clear that Billick is not getting through to the position he’s supposed to be an expert at coaching up. And what’s worse, he has no faith from the strongest unit of his team. If the defensive players feel that no help is coming, what do they have to play for other than pride? And how much pride can you have staring 4-12 in the face?

Yes, that would include a loss to the Dolphins, but I’ll get to that in another post.

The Ravens brass has to know that they are betraying their fans, and their players with this move. It’s nothing personal against Brian Billick, who from all accounts is a personable enough guy and did guide the team to a Super Bowl. But this team and its fan base have lost faith in Billick’s play calling and failure to develop key personnel, and its unfortunate that the front office is keeping that hope alive.