Wondering About the Ravens’ Ageless Wonders


By now you’ve heard that most of the Baltimore Ravens will be sitting out the season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers. What little pride there would’ve been to play for was ripped to shreds in the loss to the Miami Dolphins two weeks ago, and now comes the painstaking process of looking towards the future.

Despite what will be a high draft choice, the best GM in the business, and a slew of emerging talent at several critical positions, there are still dramatic needs at the most critical of positions, namely quarterback and head coach. But more than the talk  on whether Brian Billick should go with Kyle Boller in tow, bigger questions are ahead with the futures of several Hall of Fame players, namely Jonathan Ogden and Ray Lewis.

Both have missed multiple games due to injury and have more than 12 years in with the Ravens. Both openly questioned the direction of the team in the beginnings of the Ravens slide, and both have been premier players in the league during their tenure. Ogden has openly acknowledged his flirtation with retirement, but that same sentiment, which has been more quiet with Lewis, is there.

I believe that both men will wait until moves are made in the off-season to make a definitive decision about their careers, but with a 4-12 season coupled with a trip to Honolulu in front of them, getting out before the destruction and rebuilding begins wouldn’t be such a bad idea for these two.