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Brian Billick Fired


Just one day after finishing the season with a 5-11 record and the franchise’s worst losing streak, Brian Billick has been fired as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens.

Calling it the toughest decision he’s had to make as owner, Steve Bisciotti said he just “changed his mind” just weeks after Billick announced that he would return as coach in a press conference. A time table has not been established on when a new head coach will be named.

Now that the ego has left the building, players, fans and the front office can set their sights on a decent shot at redemption next season. The writing on the wall was highlighted within the throes of injuries and discontent internally with the franchise, and before you jettison multi-million dollar athletes, you unload the coach.

His style of play calling, underdeveloped offense and mind games with media had worn on many in the area, and this is a great move from the front office. Sucks that the Goof came down early and got locked up before it happened, but the city of Baltimore is relieved that the necessary change has come sooner than later.