Goof on the Roof Has His Day In Court


Local dumbass Ron Stach, better known to football enthusiasts as the “Goof on the Roof,” had his day in court this past Tuesday to answer charges of failure to pay child support for more than 18 years. Stach was sentenced to pay $750 or spend a year in the Baltimore County Detention Center.

His ex-wife, Kelly Stach, called police after seeing reports on local and national media outlets about her baby’s daddy camped out on the roof of a Baltimore bar in protest of the losing Baltimore Ravens. Ron Stach was arrested a day after coming down from the roof, which unfortunately occurred just before the Ravens victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the final game of the regular season. Kelly Stach offered this comment to the Baltimore Examiner.

“What kind of an idiot goes on TV with an outstanding warrant?” she asked outside the courtroom Tuesday. “He says he’s depressed, but it looked like he was happy drinking all the beer he wanted.”

Delinquent goof, nevermore.