The Philadelphia Eagles have made it clear, an..."/> The Philadelphia Eagles have made it clear, an..."/> The Philadelphia Eagles have made it clear, an..."/>

Ravens Clip Wings on Donovan McNabb Rumor


The Philadelphia Eagles have made it clear, and now the Baltimore Ravens have made it clear; Donovan McNabb will be the starting quarterback of the Eagles next year.

Ozzie shot down the rumors that the Ravens may be in play for McNabb after a report surfaced on last week. Citing the business of hiring assistant coaches, Newsome was quoted in the Baltimore Sun “We have not had one meeting to discuss any personnel on our team or anyone else’s team.”

Good insight on the Ravens’ part. With new head coaches and new systems coming in, the best bet is to try and draft a solid quarterback in the 2-4 round, and continue to solidify the strength of the team – defense. Drafting a corner or a stout defensive lineman could shore up the unit, with or without Terrell Suggs.

Clearly, any offense will still be built around a solid running game, but look for tailback Willis McGahee to evolve into more of a pass receiver and decoy, much as LaDanian Tomlinson is used in San Diego.

I got hammered for my lobbying for Colt Brennan, and I’m still on that Rainbow Bandwagon. He’s sure to be available in those later rounds, and has game and the national name can improve the offense immediately. If all else fails, he can understudy whomever the starting quarterback will be, until injury or inconsistency ultimately dooms them.

McNabb is on the down slope of his playing days, but is still a great weapon on offense. But Baltimore just couldn’t take another promising veteran brought in to bolster the passing game, only to be injured and turned into another passing fancy for the franchise.