John Harbaugh on NFL Network


Like every other NFL Head Coach and talent evaluator in the league, John Harbaugh was in Indianapolis today checking out this year’s crop. NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci caught up with the newly appointed Raven’s Head Coach and had a chance to ask him a few questions about the quarterback situation in Baltimore in which he had this to say: “Well I think for us, we have three good quarterbacks…on our roster and they’re working hard, and they’re competing. I wouldn’t be shocked if our quarterback [for next season] comes from one of those three guys, and they’re fired up to do it. We’ll see how the draft shakes out, how the evaluations shake out and just let it’s self shake out. That’s the truth though, it’s got to shake it’s self out, the best guy is going to be our guy, and that’s the truth.”

Recently Steve McNair was also quoted expressing that he beleives he’ll be healthy for next season and still has some football left in him. What does this mean for the Ravens? It means that contrary to popular beleif, quarterback may not be our biggest problem in 2008. It may still be very difficult to pass on a smart QB like Matt Ryan if he’s still on the board at 8, but that could end up being the extent of it. There’s always the possibility that another late round QB is an option as well, but after drafting Troy Smith in round five last season, what would be the point?

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