Could The Ravens Benefit From the Eagles Signing Asante Samuel?


Interesting post today from Baltimore Sun blogger Bill Ordine. He poses an interesting take on how Asante Samuels’ signing with the Philadelphia Eagles may directly benefit the Baltimore Ravens in their search for a cornerback.

You probably see where this is going. Something may have to give in Philly unless they see themselves through to keeping three frontline corners while they have a pressing need at wide receiver and defensive end. And here in Baltimore, both the Ravens’ starting cornerbacks will be over 30 this season and they both missed considerable time last year with disastrous consequences. And, of course, the new Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh, is the Eagles’ old secondary coach.

This premise is about as intriguing as the Ravens possibly getting Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson. To secure Lito Sheppard or Sheldon Brown, the Ravens would have to give up something of note that they can’t bear to part with. A defender of equal value or a precious draft pick. They just don’t have anything on offense to give.

The Ravens are great when it comes to drafting, so that’s out the window. All the viable pieces on defense that may work are either too valuable for Sheppard or Brown, or not enough. Still, Harbaugh is the former secondary coach of the Eagles, and he may just be that sweet on his old players coming to B-More to lock down the AFC’s steady diet of top-flight receivers.

Baltimore’s current situation on corners isn’t dire, but it might get that way faster than you can say “go route.” Chris McAlister and Samari Rolle are both over the age of 30, and injuries hampered them both for the majority of last season. You want to think that’s Ordine’s premise is valid, but the price might be a little too steep for what the Ravens will likely pull off in the draft anyway.