Do the Baltimore Ravens Get Enough National Media Attention?


They are preparing for the 2008 season with the third head coach in the franchise’s history, they figure to be a significant player on draft day, and their kicker was at the center of a what could’ve been a firestorm within the Player’s Association, but has since been cleared up.

So why can’t the Baltimore Ravens get any love from the national media?

Take a look at’s front page. Videos, headlines, all-access is all sans-Ravens. ESPN’s NFL portal features the Stover saga as does Fox Sports. Yahoo! features a piece on the Ravens potentially grabbing Matt Ryan in the draft, and AOL features nothing.

You would think that a town responsible for the two best crime dramas of all time would get a little more respect for its football team, especially its players usually don’t find themselves in real life crime drama.

If the story lines playing out in Charm City were on display in San Francisco, Dallas or Pittsburgh, they would be on blast 24/7. And rightfully so, as those cities host the cornerstone franchises of the league. But the Ravens are not the Arizona Cardinals or the Houston Texans of the world, lost in the expansion shuffle or perennially unremarkable. The Ravens are recent Super Bowl winners, feature one of the league’s best defenses, and is home to a collection of some of the league’s most colorful players and coaches.

They were on HBO just a few years back, for crying out loud!

No one is saying the center of the NFL universe is in the Inner Harbor, but it would be nice to have the Ravens swim to the top of the league’s media pool every now and again.