Mike Preston Really Hates the Baltimore Ravens


I get tired of talking about it just as much as you get tired of reading it, but the editors at the Baltimore Sun have to do something about Mike Preston. It’s a slow day for Ravens news, but not for Ravens’ hate, as MP has penned another column worthy enough to be the keynote address at the 2008 Playa Hatas Ball.

This time, the attack is on Brian Billick’s former practice habits, and how new head coach John Harbaugh is “changing the culture.”

It was amusing last week when Harbaugh made the Ravens practice outside in the rain. That would not have happened a year ago. The Ravens would have been inside the practice facility, just as in years past when it got too hot or too cold. Thank goodness, those days are gone. The Ravens are back to being a real football team again. Shoot, there are even fights, real bench-clearing stuff.

It goes on in much of the same way, but the gist is that the old regime was too soft on veterans and favored superstar players.

Preston has been in the game long enough to know that any coaching change brings in a new style of practice and preparation habits. Sometimes the team welcomes the changes, sometimes they hate it. Assaulting the Ravens’ practice habits from a year ago says what exactly? That their 5-11 record is exactly what they deserved? Well dang, it was soft practices all along. Makes you really consider just how overrated injuries and inept play calling are.

Wouldn’t it be better reporting to talk about how the players are responding to the new practice culture? Wouldn’t it be more responsible journalism to discuss what changes the new offense staff are implementing to assist with the transition of a rookie quarterback, and second year QB, and the veteran quarterback who just can’t get right?

Or, you could always talk about the defense. That’s always a surefire winner.

But no. Mike Preston has playa hated long enough that the Baltimore Sun rewards him with the opportunity to speak his mind via a column. And as amusing as he thought the Ravens practicing in the rain was, its even more amusing that he gets paid to do the same thing he criticizes the Ravens for: soft, mailed-in journalism under the guise of veteran reporter status.

Hopefully the Sun can keep Jamison Hensley once the World Wide Leader comes calling, or else the Sun might have to rename its Ravens coverage to the Silky Johnston Review.