Jamal Lewis Talks Trash About Baltimore Ravens


Jamal Lewis was the cornerstone of the Baltimore Ravens offense for a long time, but we all know stones have a strange habit of rolling under the right amount of pressure. Lewis eventually rolled on to the Cleveland Browns, and last year he looked like he was on the path to regaining the form that earned him 2,066 yard rushing in 2003.

And now, he’s talking about why it didn’t work out for him in B-More.

“The first seven years of my career,” the running back said of his time with the Ravens, “the offense was all focused on Jamal Lewis running the football. But now you can’t do that. You have so many weapons this team can go to. I can do my job without worrying about eight- and nine-man fronts.”

“Now I’m with a better team, I’m around better players, and I have help. In the place I was in before, I had no help, so … it’s a much better situation.”

The first instinct is to criticize Lewis for often being injured, for going to jail, for a number of things that were on his shoulders during his tail off here in Charm City. But the truth is that he’s absolutely right. The Ravens consistently had no passing attack, and while the receivers have been decent enough over the years to compete, it was always the Ravens passer that helped offensive coordinators sleep better on Saturday nights.

You certainly can’t fault Lewis for airing out frustration with his former team. Many individuals currently on the Ravens have held back similar sentiments over the years. But it works out great for everybody. Lewis gets to prove he’s a running back that hasn’t lost a step, and the Ravens’ offense has bulletin board material for the whole summer.