Will Troy Smith be the Opening Day Starter for the Ravens?

Editorial Staff

If you ask other Baltimore Ravens’ players, the answer could be yes. So far in camp, Troy Smith has outplayed resident quarterback evil Kyle Boller in drills thus far, and has captured the attention of media, veterans and coaches.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh has said no one is going to win a position battle during these non-contact workouts, but it was tough to ignore Smith’s performance Wednesday.

The former Heisman Trophy winner hit his tight ends in stride deep down the middle of the field and then showed great touch when he threaded a 15-yard pass between two defenders for a touchdown in a red-zone drill. Boller struggled hitting his receivers, getting the ball frequently knocked down by the defense.

First-round pick Joe Flacco has been unable to participate in these voluntary workouts, due to a rule that limits rookies to one mini-camp until final exams at their school are complete. Still, it can be argued that Smith had a slight advantage over Flacco with one year of experience and two career starts.

The knock? He’s built more like a fullback than an NFL quarterback; short and stocky. Ask most short QBs where not being able to see over the line gets you, and the answer usually is out of the league. Nevertheless, the run for the starter’s role has begun. And if the Ravens can jump out to a 4-1 record to start the season, final exams won’t be the only thing keeping Flacco from under center.