Baltimore and Brett Favre? No Way


Look, the Baltimore Ravens have already had their share of veterans coming to town full of promise and past performances, only to make themselves look foolish. Brett Favre is better than that, and Baltimore is better than that. The rumors should just stop.

While it may sell a lot more tickets, and garner some much needed national attention, there’s no team less fitted for Brett Favre as its quarterback. Too many egos, too many veterans and not enough time would make for a lethal combination in Charm City. If Brett Favre does come back, and all indications are that he won’t, it should be with a team that has a legitimate shot at contention for a Super Bowl.

And if they are legitimate contenders, it probably means they were doing just fine without Brett Favre.

Baltimore wasn’t doing just fine without Brett Favre, but putting Joe Flacco on the back burner for Favre just doesn’t make sense. Just three years ago, Favre was a a walking interception. Save for his Super Bowl victory, a ton of passing records, MVP awards and an overly forgiving media, Favre was headed for a quick and early exit out of the league.

He turned it around for a decent last hurrah in Green Bay and he deserves more than to be booed by a crowd that knows him only through highlights and SI articles. We all owe it to ourselves to not get too excited about Brett Favre possibly coming to Baltimore.